National Film Month 2012: Focus Films Edwige

National Film Month 2012: Focus Films Edwige
Raised in various international film festivals, works of Edwin from year to year can finally be enjoyed Indonesian audience at the National Film Month celebration this time. “Focus on Edwin” is a program of the National Film Month 2012: History is now 6 which deliberated Kineforum team and babibutafilm. There are screenings of six short films, two feature-length films, three documentaries, and discussion of the film Zoo (Postcards from the Zoo).

Sugar Nadia, Kineforum manager, admitted that the idea of ​​”Focus on Edwin” already considered long before the film Postcards from the Zoo is declared as one of the competition films the Berlinale Film Festival 2012. The idea was sparked along Kineforum manager previously, Lisabona Rahman. “Kineforum feel responsible for spreading the good news and reintroduce the works of Edwin to the audience, especially for those who still perceive the films Edwin difficult to digest,” said Sugar. Edwin figure considered important as a filmmaker because of courageous and able to show films that are outside the mainstream.
Kineforum mission deemed appropriate by Meiske Taurisia, producer Postcards movies coming soon from the Zoo and almost all of the films Edwin. “If during this time many viewers find it difficult to access Edwin films, this program could be a way to enjoy all the work Edwin opener,” he said when met at his residence March 18. No doubt, too, the momentum Berlinale legitimize the existence of Edwin in the international film map.
The public can enjoy the premiere of Postcards from the Zoo on 21 March. Screening all the films Edwin this time will be subject to a donation from Rp 50,000 to 200,000. Responding to a comment about the donation charged to the films Edwin, Dede say this is a program of ‘saving’ for Postcards from the Zoo to be played later on also outside Jakarta. For him, the appreciation of the film can be shown with pay while watching movies especially babibutafilm indeed guerrilla team to market this film until now Postcards from the Zoo sold to agencies in four countries, including Austria and Taiwan. Babibutafilm team is willing to play the movie and also discuss with the audience outside of Jakarta. “Films like the work of Edwin is a film that not only watch the finish, we need a space of discussion as a form of communication. So that’s what we plan to do with the savings from the program” Focus on Edwin “, the roadshow so that spectators outside Jakarta had the opportunity the same, “he said.
The premiere of Postcards from the Zoo in Indonesia through the National Film Month 2012 will be subject to donate Rp. 200,000. Although many people feel this expensive premiere donation, please note that the donation includes a ticket to watch Postcards from the Zoo and two other Edwin movies, movie merchandise like t-shirts and posters, Zeke Khaseli musical performances, as well as discussions with seno gumira ajidarma movie. Donations do not only support the film journey Postcards from the Zoo around Indonesia, but also operational costs Kineforum. To date 22 to 31 March, Postcards from the Zoo will be played every day at 19:30 in studio 1 TIM XXI with a donation of Rp. 100,000. Compilation of short films Edwin, Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly, Nairobi Notes, State Million Songs of the Sun, and Misbach: Behind the Light Sparkling will be a donation of Rp. 50,000.

about the film is important

In my opinion, deeper and broader knowledge about the film is important. Based on the knowledge base of the industry without a good movie will not be old age. Knowledge is like a foundation like when building a house. For example, Hollywood is still established until now and was not deterred. That’s not just because they have a lot of money but also a strong knowledge foundation. Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of the Rings, the film may not be able to make it if he tidah sekolosal know about the history of the language of film, or have not watched Intolerance and Birth of a Nation its DW Griffith. If you try to survey the existing pembut Indonesian film industry is now, probably only about two percent knew and had watched his films Griffith.images (3)

There is hope for example, as do Bowo [Leksono] in Purbalingga by making a film festival there  for high school kids. But it should not stop at the stage of encouraging production, without any knowledge of the development of the film itself. Used to be around 1999, his time Konfiden, no jargon if “Film Making it Easy”. I do not agree because it supposedly is “Making the film Hard, But Probably.” Honestly I am glad that era because of its coverage of major. But I regret to my friends it is when they have power, they do not immediately take a position, but they instantly dissolve in it.

FI: Forum Lenteng involved in the program “We are Reading Sjuman Djaya” for the occasion of the National Film Month 2012 in Kineforum. National Film Month is there any meaning for you?

Hafiz: For me there. It is only ceremonial. I live every day in touch with the film. One thing I regret in BFN is why Love Verses played there. Okay, if the film industry that long kind of films can be read Syuman Djaya appropriate historical context. Because the name kine clubs abroad was a movie fan to watch a serious movie, or a person watching a movie that is not produced by the industry. That’s what I see when I visit. The movie industry already own place, and Kineforum should be a place of honor for cinema and appreciated in the context of the more serious.

In the past I was very pleased with kine in JAC club run by Salim Said. There enforced membership system in the amount of Rp. 35,000 a year. Each of us wants to watch we also have to pay approximately 50% cheaper than non-members. At that time the club kine can be considered a place of honor, members consisted of writers, politicians, artists, and so on. Gus Dur is one of them. I watch films Satyajit Ray, Ingmar Bergman, or Nicholas Ray there, the celluloid format. I think if you just want to bring in people, his place is in theaters 21. But if we want to form the audience, the rules should be even stricter. In his days kine club’s Salim Said, a global network. He can bring movies directly in the Russian Republic or celluloid format. Kine club is also one of the foundations for building a good culture film industry, because there room to criticize the film.

The Cat Cabin ~ Cafe Cats Gallery in Jakarta Concept Homey

The Cat Cabin ~ Cafe Cats Gallery in Jakarta Concept Homey
If you go to Japan and Korea then you should not be surprised if you’ll find many cafes cats. Cat cafe here is a cafe in which you can eat and drink while accompanied by a lot of cats are cute and adorable.
Dikafe cat itself will be left to roam to and fro to accompany the visitors cafe arrive. Cat cafe concept from Japan and Korea was then widely adopted by several countries, including Indonesia. In Indonesia you can find this cat cafe in Jakarta, precisely in Kemang, South Jakarta.
Cafe cat named Cat Cabin is certainly very interesting for those who want to enjoy a different atmosphere from the cafes usually you visit. Then as if the cat cafe business The Cat Cabin this fact? Here’s his review.
Presenting the Concept Homey AtmosphereThe-Cat-Cabin-e1447656172180
Siti Fatimah is Ayuningdyah (24 years), young person behind The Cat Cabin businesses that break most cafes. Together Medi Tamma Febrian Mutthaqien (25 years) and Yansen Poaler (26 years), Siti Fatimah cat cafe opened in February 2015.
In conducting its business, Siti Fatimah make The Cat Cabin is a comfortable place and it has a homey atmosphere that will make visitors linger. The Cat Cabin is located on the second floor of a building in Jalan Kemang Raya No. 31, South Jakarta is indeed present a new experience for you who like adventure to cafes.
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Homey concept existing in The Cat Cabin is indeed deeply felt thanks to the existence of a number of interior like some long couch in some corner of the room, a dining table with a few benches and tables berkosep Lesbian carpeted and in the middle there is an area where the cat climb and rest. On the walls of the room itself there are a number of rack that can be used to save a cat-themed books and some photos are cute and adorable cat.
Not Kafe Ordinary
Although the business in the cafe, but The Cat Cabin cafe is not operating as usual. The Cat Cabin does not make eating and drinking activities as its main activity, but here many people focus more on interaction and mingle with cats. So when visitors who come will be charged an entrance fee which is calculated per hour.
Rates for play in The Cat Cabin itself is divided into two, namely the adult fare that has a rate of Rp 50,000 for the first hour and Rp30,000 and rates of children aged 2-10 years at the rate of Rp35,000 for the first hour and Rp20 .000 for the next hour.
The menu and the dish at The Cat Cabin
The food menu at The Cat Cabin itself much inspired by Japanese cuisine such as Jar Cake, Lasagne, Rice Ball and others. Menus had arguably affordable which has rates ranging from Rp 30 thousand. Because the cat in The Cat Cabin quite active then any food menu is given cover. This was done to avoid the entry of cat fur into the diet.
Race Cats in The Cat Cabin
In The Cat Cabin itself you will find several cat races and local cats. Cat race that you can encounter disni is kind of a mixture of Siamese, Persian, Short Hair Korea, Exotic Short Hair Persian and some other types. All cats at The Cat Cabin this is an adult cat and certainly not easily stressed by the surrounding circumstances.
According to the founder of The Cat Cabin, Siti Fatimah claimed that these cats in addition to private property, there is also the adoption of the purchase and delivery of others. Yet throughout the cats in the Cat Cabin which still amounts to tens have passed various vaccinations and health care that is safe for visitors.
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Visitors who always Crowded
Although not yet one year old, The Cat Cabin cafe has received positive responses to the crowds of visitors who flock. Cafe open from 10 am to 9 pm Monday-Friday and at the weekend opened hinga 10 pm is always crowded by visitors with the various purposes of curious to see, wanted to take pictures up to those who want to unwind by playing together purebred cat cute and adorable.

Techniques for Supporting Raise the Children To Become Excellent Older people

parenting bible study

Taking care of can be work, without any volume of suggestions or perhaps planning can adjust which. Planning as well as knowing will surely have an effect, however, around the outcomes extremely tough how to have a happy marriage perform provides. A handy tip inside the best could make the actual parenting procedure easier. Continue reading through to get yourself a few suggestions that could fix a few child-showing issues.

To be able to be described as a excellent father or mother, you mustn’t watch each and every thing that the kid really does. This will smother these people and merely force all of them away. Should you supply them with a number of liberty, they are going to as a result place more fact to the method they are and the way these are residing his or her lifestyle. In this way, the kids tend to be a smaller amount likely to be able to insurgent.

Occasionally, the most beneficial effect is not any response by any means. As soon as your child throws a new temper temper tantrum or perhaps match, continue being quiet. Produce incentivise her or him a thing, but avoid producing annoyed or perhaps caustic comments while using the objective of frightening or shaming the little one. Fairly, continue talking typically, acquiring duties accomplished and also responding to the kid, just as if these people has not been creating problems.

An excellent parenting idea is to view the method your movements may influence the child. In the event you problem a great deal at your house, anticipate if your kid is certain to get hanging or instructed to look home from practice pertaining to improper conduct. Often try to give a wonderful case in point for that child.

As you belt the child to their vehicle easy chair, you can even examine to ensure that your band are snug – not really tight sufficient to cause red-colored signifies as well as indentations, however, not loose adequate the kid could shake from your funnel. To be sure of setup make vices are extremely free or perhaps tight, make an effort to touch connectors collectively on the clasp. You must not have the ability to crunch these people with each other.

Each little one offers various requires and expectation. Methods which worked well together with one youngster might be unsuccessful with all the subsequent youngster. This is applicable to be able to equally psychological procedures and also rewards. Attempt to incorporate new techniques in towards the elderly proven ones which may have toiled nicely in the past.

Interestingly ample, few people finds motherhood being straightforward or perhaps a natural intuition for the children. Any time increasing youngsters, you need to obtain those that have elevated knowledge regarding ideas and also advice. Children can be challenging occasionally, every parent or guardian may also use slightly info, advice as well as help. Useful suggestions concerning taking care of can come through quite a few options, and everything assistance is actually here you are at dealing with mom and dad.

Strike The Street With certainty With Such Tips

South Nilandhe, Maldives

Think you already know everything there is comprehend cari hotel murah di bali? You might like to reevaluate. In the following paragraphs, you will get guidelines files concerning travel. A number of things you might have already recognized, numerous things you’ve not. In any case, realizing the following pointers are only able to direct you towards your trips.

If you’re traveling gentle along with intending to clean laundry washing along the way, make use of your day-to-day bathe as an possiblity to thoroughly clean your own undergarments together with your lightweight clothing. It’ll only take a couple of occasions and helps prevent you against amassing any pile regarding laundry washing that needs to be cleansed at the same time.

Whenever traveling by simply atmosphere, there is no a lot more reasons yet unknown to hold yet another toiletries handbag. Your entire liquids as well as gel will have to squeeze into any Ziplock tote no matter. Which tote will be sealed, and you’ll be more compact and lighter compared to just about any handbag designated for that task.

While traveling inside international nations around the world, look for police officers whom request for the particular Identification. It is important to ask these people for his or her ID to show they are really any policeman. Instead of exhibiting these your own actual passport, prove to them a copy somewhat. You ought not risk chance a thief operating with your ticket.

It doesn’t matter what your motives are usually, it’s best to be a part of the air providers regular travel club. Even though you may will not fly yet again, you will get a new benefit only for subscribing to. Nonetheless, you could possibly soar together a couple of occasions and you’ll acquire benefits every time that you try.

Any time occurring a long excursion, be certain to pack it weather appropriate clothing. Search online to examine the weather channel’s site and find out what type of weather conditions are estimated inside your travel location. For instance, never pack little skirts and also running sneakers if where you stand planning has many rain as well as winter. That not simply will stop you from acquiring ill, and also from obtaining peculiar looks from your people who find themselves able to figure out visitors therefore making you feel awkward.

Seek out “nonstop” rather than only “direct” travel arrangements. Constant routes, his or her name implies, make no puts a stop to prior to to arrive the particular desired destination, while direct airline tickets may well visit various other airfields in order to the best vacation spot. Although you are certainly not modifying planes, your stops you are making for the direct airfare may result in numerous unanticipated waiting times.

It may look you understand almost everything with regards to traveling, nevertheless itrrrs likely that you will discover items you most likely have no idea. Next time a person travel, go ahead and take information about travel presented to you in the following paragraphs, and employ it to help you.

Stay away from the Junk Fruit drinks and buy the most beneficial Sort of Veggie juice

juicing cannabis

What is actually with all the different type of Juices?

Simply wander reduced the particular food store shelves to look for the different brand names and types of juice that you can get. And also, confusingly, these kinds of claim to provide unrivaled rewards: 100% fruit juice, extra Ascorbic Level of acidity, additive totally free, and many others. To locate the way a fruit drinks vary, let us take a look at the sorts of fruit juices accessible.

Liquid Products

These kind of refreshments, generally located and various other soft-drink drinks to acquire from the refrigerated milk section, are not 100% juice and often struggle to become 5% fruit juice! They will consist of h2o and lots of sugars, chemical compounds and flavor, and still have really handful of nutritional benefits. Sometimes they possess labels which includes “punch”, “cocktail” or even “blend”. Definitely stay away from these kind of beverages in case you are looking for overall health benefits.

Extended-Existence as well as Short-Existence Cooled Fruit juices

They are a lot of the fruit juice boxes the simple truth is in the perfectly chilled whole milk sections also just like your shelves. Equally Extended-Existence as well as Short-Existence Perfectly chilled state of mind are generally pasteurized, the key big difference considering that the Extended-Existence fruit juices are in fact a lot more greatly pasteurized and can as a result avoid involving Six for you to In search of a few days and not having to get chilled. Rapid-Existence Chilled fruit juices undertake the lighter pasteurization method and might retain for two main primary to six days if chilled. Nor is likely to be freshly-squashed liquid. The particular liquid will likely be either “Not via Concentrate”, and then the liquid was eliminated from the you . ersus . declares regarding origins, pasteurized next delivered, or else is going to be created from focus that has been shipped for your promoting region. Either in scenario, you won’t have the full-advantages involving natural and organic fruit puree fruit drinks because the pasteurization as well as presentation procedure implies that many the nutrients and vitamins garden sheds.

Freshly-Squashed Juices

These juices are usually, in comparison to one more fruit drinks retailer, fresh crammed and may always be intoxicated within Twenty four to Thirty five several hours. They may not be pasteurized as well as retain the most of the important things about liquid manufactured newly health club within the juice club. Ensure the juice is gloomy because the cloudier it is, the bigger wholesome it can be. Extremely obvious fruit juices have observed drinking water extra.

Natural and organic Berries Puree Fruit juices

To make certain that boosts natural and organic fresh fruit puree fruit drinks. Natural Fruit Blend Fruit drinks, made health club intoxicated right away, tend to be undoubtedly great the particular state of mind. Organic and natural veggie fruit drinks or even natural fresh fruit juices are super easy to create using a juice extractor as well as juice device. Though there is no pondering the safety of making juice inorganic fruit and vegetables as well as fruits, producing your very own natural and organic plant fruit juice or organic and natural veggie juice gives a totally new amount of flavor and diet program to be able to making juice. Since the liquid is made and also inebriated fresh new, without having feature pasteurization or even product packaging, corrosion does not ruin the particular nutrients inside liquid. So you have the complete good thing about making juice!

Short Film Competition Finalists Europe On Screen 2012

Short Film Competition Finalists Europe On Screen 2012

There are 50 films from 30 European countries will be screened in the event Europe on Screen (EOS) 12th edition, from November 25 through December 1, at five places in Jakarta: Blitz Grand Indonesia, Erasmus Huis, Goethe, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, IFI Salemba, and Kineforum JAC. Among them there are films winner of prestigious festivals, such as Amour by Michael Haneke that won at Cannes 2012 and Even the Rain works ICIAR Bollain who obtained the Audience Award at the Berlinale 2011. The film screening schedule can be accessed at the official website of the Eos.

EOS is the movie event of cooperation between European embassies and cultural institutions in Indonesia. Eos was first held in 1990, which followed the implementation of a second in 1999. New in 2003, EOS is regularly held every year until now.

Besides playing movies of filmmakers Blue Continent, EOS also held a short film competition Indonesia. Last year, the animated film Black Journey Prasidya Astu work out as the winner, after going through a selection watch cartoon online process that involved 69 films. This year, the committee received 157 films. The selection process resulted in ten finalist films, which will be judged by three activists of European films: Mark A Kneer (Germany), Peter Aquilina (UK), and Rudy Tjio (Germany). First prize and the second prize will receive a Canon camera.

Here are the ten finalists short film competition EOS 2012:

Chameleon (Space Ramadan, 2012)

Luck Ci Ba (Satria Adiyasa, 2012)

Jumprit Singit (Mahesa Desaga, 2012)

Breadfruit chips mBok Darmi (Heri Kurniawan, 2012)

Former longing (Andri Cung, 2012)

Missing (Pink Veronique, 2012)

Moriendo (Andrey Pratt, 2012)

Red umbrella (Andri Cung and Edward Gunawan, 2010)

Compound (Raphael Wregas Bhanuteja, 2012)

Wan An (Yandy Laurens, 2012)
Artistic Director

Allan Triyana Sebastian (Soegija)

Ezra Tampubolon (Land of Heaven … He said)

Fauzi (Paper Boat)

Provision Rida (Demi Ucok)

Richard Sibuea (Lovely Man)


Image Editor

Cesa David Luckmansyah (House in Thousand Waves)

Robby Barus (Hello Goodbye)

Sastha Sunu (Dilemma)

Waluyo Ichwandiardono (Lovely Man)

Henry I. Wibowo (Soegija)


Sound Stylists

Adityawan Susanto (Land of Heaven … He said)

Andri Yargana (Demi Ucok)

Khikmawan Santosa (Mode Anomaly)

Satrio Boediono (House in Thousand Waves)

Satrio Budiono & Trisno (Soegija)


Playground Music

Andhika Triyadi (Paper Boat)

Djaduk ferianto (Soegija)

Thoersi Argeswara & Gung Alit Bona (House in Thousand Waves)

Thoersi Argeswara (Land of Heaven … He said)

Tya Subiakto Satrio (Dilemma)


Main actor Men

Donny Damara (Lovely Man)

Emir Mahira (Garuda in my chest 2)

Muhammad Shihab (Cita-citaku high as the Land)

Reza Rahadian (Test Pack, You’re My Baby)

Tio Pakusadewo (Rayya, Light in the Upper Light)


Main actors Women

Acha Septriasa (Test Pack, You’re My Baby)

Atiqah Hasiholan (Hello Goodbye)

Annisa Hertami (Soegija)

Geraldine Sian (Demi Ucok)

Jajang C. Noer (Eyes Closed)


Male Supporting Actor

Butet Kartaredjasa (Soegija)

Dedey Rusma (House in Thousand Waves)

Fuad Idris (Land of Heaven … He said)

Lukman Sardi (House in Thousand Waves)

Rio Dewanto (Garuda in my chest 2)


Female Supporting Actor

Christine Hakim (Rayya, Light in the Upper Light)

Kenes Andari (Hello Goodbye)

Lina Marpaung (Demi Ucok)

Meriam Bellina (Test Pack, You’re My Baby)

Wulan Guritno (Dilemma)



Rare Receh (Miftakhatun & Eka Susilawati, SMP 4 Karangmoncol, Purbalingga)

Long Imagine (Satria Adiyasa, Student Filmmaker Forum Bandung)

Tigers hunt (Arman Dewarti, mediating Film Workshop)

Secret (Nindya Raras Nareswari, Work Film Set)

Wan An (Yandy Laurens, FFTV IKJ)



A Short Story of Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman (Subiyanto, FFTV IKJ)

Bandung Cross Period (Reuters TV)

“Bena” Exotic Megalithic (LPP TVRI)

On the Limits of Power (Nur Fitriah Napiz)

Wae Rebo, Maintain Occupancy Demi Civilization (Reuters TV)



Best Film

Movie star

Love Pengamen Clown


My name is Pariyem

Beautiful reward


Film director

HERWIN NOVIANTO (Pahala Terindah)

Dawn Nugros (Momo Love & Tejo Between Angkringan)

Guntur Soeharjanto (Sorry, Lebaran It We’re Not Home)

Karsono Hadi (Movie Star)

Putu Wijaya (Image)


Original Story writer

Alkadri Johan (Rainbow in the Sky Dusk)

Imam Tantowi (Movie Star)

Musfar Yasin (Pahala Terindah)

Putu Wijaya (Image)

Ririn Setyarini (Momo Love & Tejo Between Angkringan)


Scenario writer

Alkadri Johan (Rainbow in the Sky Dusk)

Imam Tantowi (Movie Star)

Word of Triyadi (Ambulance)

Putu Wijaya (Image)

Musfar Yasin (Pahala Terindah)



Enggong Supardi (Rainbow in the Sky Dusk)

Enggar Budiono (Sorry, Lebaran It We’re Not Home)

Regina Anindita (Ambulance)

Samuel Uneputty (Image)

Yudi Datau (Pahala Terindah)

images (6)


Anto Ceper (My name is Pariyem)

Budi Rasta & Heng Tatto (Pahala Terindah)

Fally Sapta Adrian (Ambulance)

Fally Nandra Gembul (Movie Star)

Harrys Utomo (Image)

Indonesian Film Festival Documentary Film ChopShots 2012

Indonesian Film Festival Documentary Film ChopShots 2012

images (5)

Of the thirteen participants, svelte & Gareng (Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni, 2012) and The Land Beneath the Fog (Saladin Siregar, 2011) are the two Indonesian films are competing in the International Competition program at the Documentary Film Festival in South East Asia ChopShots. They are coupled with long documentary films from other Southeast Asian countries to compete for awards and prizes of € 5,000. The new festival launch this first edition, will take place on 5 to 9 December 2012 in several places at once: Goethe Haus Jakarta, Kineforum, TIM XXI, and Binus International Film School.

In the category of SEA Best Shorts Competition (short film), Death in Jakarta Reloaded (Ucu Agustin, 2012), Fight Like Ahok (Chandra Tanzil and Amelia Hapsari, 2012), Love Letter to the Soldier (Wenda Tokomonowir, 2011), and The Hills are Alive (Steve Pillar Setiabudi, 2011) represent Indonesia. They compete with 17 films from other countries. The first winner of this watch suits online category will receive a prize of € 3000 and the second winner getting € 1.500.

“There are a lot of documentaries in Indonesia and the activities of the documentary here can be quite active. The fact that several of Indonesian films in the competition program indicates that the documentary Indonesia is quite good. However, in my opinion, of all the films Indonesia registered, there is a trend they had pieces are the same. I do not know, is it because there is a good documentary, and some others try to follow the same way. ” said Mai Lan Thai, Executive Director of the Festival is about films Indonesia. In addition to the best film based on assessment of the jury, there will be a prize of € 500 for the film that got the crowd the most.

In addition, there are also few Indonesian films screened in the program of non-competition, the Children of Heroine (The Children of Heroine Collective, 2012), Metamorfoblus (Dosy Omar, 2011), We Walk and We Rock Together (Comrade Edmond, 2012) and Lukas’ Moment (Aryo Danusiri, 2005). Compared with other Indonesian films played, Lukas’ Moment is not a new movie. “The film was screened in the retrospective program. From any countries of Southeast Asia, which is considered to mark the chosen films a documentary in the country’s development. Lukas’ Moment regarded as an observational documentary (at that time) in Indonesia.” Thai clear again.

The festival consists of two competition programs (International and Best Shorts SEA) and four non-competition program (ChopShots Specials, Filmmaker’s Journey, Music Docs Rock !, and SEA Retrospective). Of the 159 films that register and from 38 countries, selected 60 documentaries, with 43 films of which focuses on Southeast Asia and to show new talent in the region. “The festival is expected to inspire, both for documentary in Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. That is no art in the documentary, not just the documentation. That there are many ways of storytelling in the documentary, including your own way.” Thai said.

In addition to screening programs, there are also DocNet Campus program, a sort of class that provides an opportunity for documentary filmmakers to explore the making of a documentary film and discussion about innovation and the development of documentaries. The program consists of a master class in the field of co-production, storytelling, pitching, financing, and distribution. Best of DocNet Campus project will get a traveling grant.

In addition to film screenings, there are also some discussion as Filmmaker on the Spot, Documentary and Fiction – Are there boundaries ?, Today Film Festival and Film Making in Southeast Asia. Opening night and closing night will also be enlivened by musical performances White Shoes and the Couples Company and The Cambodian Space Project. There is also a photo exhibition The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project in GoetheHaus, coupled screening Sorry, The Cinema Is Closed (Ardi Wilda Irawan, 2010). Best film award to be announced on Saturday, December 9, 2012 at the Goethe Haus. Information and a complete schedule of the festival can be found on the official website ChopShots.

Want to Many responses on Instagram? Run 4 Tips Here

Want to Many responses on Instagram? Run 4 Tips Here


Social media are increasingly widespread and popular in today’s society has given many tales and stories. Social #media one who has had a lot of stories and the story is Instagram. In addition to social media has become favored by many people, social media has been bought by Facebook is now one option to increase brand.

With photos and video content offerings, #Instagram it will always be an attraction for users. Although other social media also has a similar service, but instagram as a pioneer of social media-based image content remains the choice of netizens as its news media.

Instagram increasingly popular story was later made many people flocked to be performed increasingly exist. One way to achieve existence in the instagram is to bring in a lot of response.

The more responses in a content posted on Instagram will indeed show the existence and popularity. Therefore, the form of comments and responses like the content on Instagram is an important thing to be observed especially for those who are mempopularitaskan brand themselves or their business.

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If you are one of those people who wants to increase branding, then you have to learn the tricks and tips to create many of the following responses.

1. Posting Photos Interesting

The first tip to get the response that many of instagram is to post content interesting photo. Yes, because instagram is a social media-based images, then inevitably you as a user should be able to present a good picture and attractive.

Feel free to do editing and playing the composition of colors in photographs that will be you post on Instagram. This is because you do not just post, but you have a goal to bring in a lot of response.

Therefore should you have to think in advance about the photo to be posted. With interesting photo and good quality, then you will be a great opportunity to bring a response that much.

2. Do not Forget to Use Hashtags

Tagar or code hashtag (#) has become a trend that is widespread use of social media to be able to attract other users to come to him. Instagram also been using this hashtag code also be your chance to be able to obtain a response from the people you target more.

With hastag right code, you can make your photos better known. There is one thing to note in using this hashtag is not too much hashtag. Why? This is because it can make you less interested follower. Use only three or at most five hashtag in the post content.

3. Response Behind Every comment and Like Coming

After the response came in the form of comments, like or follow, you can not remain silent. To be able to bring much more response, you must perform their feedback quickly and well. Lack of response will make followers feel more appreciated and will be no doubt to come and commented again.

Therefore show the feedback that indicates that you are happy for their visit and answer any questions asked of them. If comments are not clear or there is no question that you can not answer then respond with an apology if you can not understand the purpose or could not answer questions from them.

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4. Share to Other Social Media

Finally, tips to be able to get a lot of response from social media instagram is to distribute your posts to social media to another. This way you will be more widely seen and also more likely to bring in more responses for the content that you post on Instagram.

To successfully use this trick, you also should be able to make other social media have many friends or followers. Make sure you also have a good reputation in social media in addition to the Instagram. With both of these th

Case Study Of Pueraria Mirifica

Case Study Of Pueraria Mirifica                   this  article hopes  to help   give   anyone   your  knowledge  a person  need,  for you to   \’m   that you can   have a   firm   Grasp   towards  subject.

Clinical Study  :  Premenopausal Women

Product style  :  Pueraria mirifica Premium Grade

Function  :  wellbeing  meal  (Food Supplement)

As  we   consider   your current  journey  through the  final  segment   involving   this  article,  You might   look  back  for the   very first   part   whether   a person  need  any kind of  clarifications  in  what  my spouse and i  have already learned.
Case Study Of Pueraria Mirifica

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