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19 Livingroom Ideas and Color Combinations in Turquoise 19 Livingroom Ideas and Color Combinations in Turquoise
Want to feel the summer feeling all year round in your home, then you are right with the turquoise color. It is reminiscent of the... 19 Livingroom Ideas and Color Combinations in Turquoise

Want to feel the summer feeling all year round in your home, then you are right with the turquoise color. It is reminiscent of the sea and the beach, especially in a matching color combination. The blue-green color also used for a modern home furnishings to create wonderful color accents.

In the following, you will find many stylish living ideas for a living room in turquoise, representing the different combinations of the color and its applications in the Interior.

Colorful color combinations for a living room in turquoise


Turquoise usually has a cool effect and should be used with caution in the interior. If you have chosen this color, try to combine it correctly to avoid an inhale effect. Turquoise as the wall color in the living room in the best case only on a wall painted or papered and used only a limited remaining set up. If you want to make the living room colorful and summery, you can think about color combinations with green, purple, black and white.

Living room in turquoise and brown


A good addition to turquoise is brown and beige. These colors neutralize the cool effect and create a pleasant feeling in the living room. In such a combination, the brown furniture can be interpreted as sand and the turquoise decorative elements can be interpreted as seawater.

Living ideas for the living room with dark wall paint


The darker brown tones combine perfectly with a white interior in the living room. In this case, you can embellish the room with turquoise decoration in the form of wall paintings, vases or art objects. Do not forget that such an interior needs adequate lighting.

Living room in brown with turquoise accents


If you want to avoid the strong effect of the turquoise color, you should simply limit yourself to accents. It is sufficient for a smaller living room that completed with some sofa pillows. If the corresponding area on the other hand slightly larger, than they should be combined, for example with curtains or decorating with turquoise.

A popular combination: living room in turquoise, brown and beige


Here you will find a suitable color palette for the combination of turquoise with beige and brown. If you have an open living room that shares a common room with the dining room and the kitchen, you should use the same or a similar color palette in these rooms.

Living room in turquoise with a wallpaper


An important prerequisite for the living room in turquoise is the available sunlight into the room. The Sun makes the turquoise color glow and is an important part of the overall picture. If the wall is covered with such a wallpaper, you should select lighter tones for the curtains at the window, to let in the better natural light.

Ideas for a living room in turquoise and orange


The brighter version of the turquoise wall color can be combined well with orange. In this case the orange color sets the accents and in the end, you get a full of life living room. Further color combinations for such a living room furniture are beige, dark blue and occasionally brown in the form of furniture and floor coverings made of wood.

Blue and turquoise reminiscent of the sea


The majority of people associate the color turquoise with lagoons, beach and, of course, with the holiday. The color combination of turquoise with blue creates a relaxing and natural ambience in your own living room and is, therefore, a good decision for the decor. It is important to generate a suitable combination of light and dark tones.

Residential idea for a living room in turquoise and white


One of the best additions to the living room on Turquoise is white. Whether for theseating furniture, for the coffee table or as a wall decoration this combination represents a popular institution ideaFor this, some black or dark brown elements also fit super.

The popular color combination turquoise and gray


A living room furniture in shades of gray is recommended for any living room. If, however, a colored accent is added, then the picture looks completely different. You should simply paint a chest of drawers or a shelf in turquoise and buy a pale blue blanket or stool to refresh the gray interior.

Living room in turquoise and gray design


When you set up the living room in turquoise and gray, you should match the colors correctly. The color accents may not be too much or too little. Before buying the selected furniture, try to imagine the overall picture and keep open possibilities for a subsequent change.

Turquoise accents in an open living room


With an open living room in the apartment opens up many possibilities and combinations for a creative institution. A turquoise carpeting would be a not so nice variation, a single carpet, however, will refresh the room. The same applies to the seating furniture: the whole sofa in turquoise would be too much, but turquoise dining chairs complement the interior perfectly.

The right combination of colors in the living room


The right combination of colors is of central importance in the living room. Do not limit yourself with two or three tones. The larger the selected color palette, the better the whole living room looks. However, it is to be noted that the colors should coincide with each other.

Set the living room colorfully


Different colors can be used in a living room in turquoise as colorful accents. Colorful sofa cushions, rugs and wall art or wall panels create a fun atmosphere and are ideal for families with children.

Are turquoise and yellow a suitable combination of the living room?


For all those who want an extravagant interior in the living room, the combination is turquoise with yellow or golden yellow. The golden color enhances the apartment and the turquoise in a darker tone serves as a dramatic addition to the living room furniture.

Tips for the living room in turquoise and yellow


If the yellow color in the living room in turquoise is only applied as a small accent, then the effect will not necessarily be dramatic. A decorative strip of yellow on the ceiling inspires life in the room and ensures a cheerful atmosphere.

Apply turquoise decoration in the living room


You should not necessarily paint the living room in turquoise, or buy a turquoise chair to use the popular color in the interior. A turquoise decoration is suitable for living room in different styles and colors and reminds of blue water and ocean waves.

Living room in turquoise with red color accents


A completely turquoise interior in the living room needs a color accent. The Red Couch is an unusual but nice design idea that ideally fits a bright Interior.


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