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30 Beautiful ideas and tips furnishing examples of living rooms 30 Beautiful ideas and tips furnishing examples of living rooms
30 Beautiful ideas and tips furnishing examples of living rooms The living room is much more than just a cozy sofa opposite the TV.... 30 Beautiful ideas and tips furnishing examples of living rooms

30 Beautiful ideas and tips furnishing examples of living rooms

The living room is much more than just a cozy sofa opposite the TV. In the modern apartment, this room is considered to be a retreat where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the free time at home with the family. Whether you are moving to a new apartment or renovating the living room, you can look at our furnishing examples for living rooms. Here you will find excellent furnishing ideas, as well as helpful tips on how to set up the living room. Get inspired!

Furnishing examples for living rooms – setting up a large room

In the first place, the size of the living room plays a major role in the furnishing. Large rooms allow freedom of design about the colors and materials used in the interior. Do not worry, the chosen wall color will make the living room appears smaller, or the desired couch does not fit in the room.

Furnishings for living room in small apartment

The design of a small living room undoubtedly poses a much greater challenge. In this case, you should think about space-saving and rather on multifunctional fixtures. Living room furniture with storage space, wall shelves with several storage areas and functional sideboards help to optimize the small space.

Furnishings for living rooms with open kitchen

Small apartments often designed with an open living area, where the kitchen, dining area, and living room located in an open living room. A cozy corner sofa will create a perfect living room because it does not take up so much space in the room and placed in the corner of the room.

Small living room set up with workroom

In the small apartment, the living room and study room can easily be arranged in a standard, room. Select a corner with sufficient daylight for the study and set up with a suitable desk. If the space for a sofa is not enough, you can design the living room without a sofa.

Furnishings for living rooms in modern style

If you want to redesign the living room, you should first select the furniture style. The style plays a major role in the choice of furniture, floor and wall design, as well as in lighting and decoration in the room.

Modern living room – What to consider?

For a modern living room, shiny surfaces and subtle colors are perfect. Classic color combinations such as black and white, brown and beige or white and brown provide good furnishing examples for living rooms. Noble materials, lots of light in the interior and minimalist furnishings continue to speak for a modern style of furnishing.

Furnishings for modern living room in the small apartment

To make a small living room modern, you should select the furniture and decoration for the room with precision. Use functional furnitures, such as a couch table with storage space and a flexible living room with the elegant sideboard.

Furnishings for living room in a country house style


If you want to create your living room in the popular country house style, then we have some examples and furnishing tips for you. The country house living room is characterized by natural colors and traditional patterns, which together create a harmonious overall picture. Flower motifs and natural elements in the house are always a good choice.

Country house living room idea in white


The classic wool white is perfect for a country-style living room. The living room tastefully furnished in combination with an elegant pattern carpet and many room plants. Pastel tones and fresh accents in bright colors are just as part of the country-house style and can be used in the decor.

Furnishings for living room with rustic elements


Natural elements made of wood are perfect for a rustic living room. Wooden beams on the ceiling in combination with wooden floors and furnishings in earth tones create a comfortable atmosphere in the room and invite you to linger.

Living room furnishings – ideas in the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian furnishing style enjoys great popularity in recent years and fits perfectly into the urban lifestyle. Bright colors and natural materials are used in the interior, and a noble interior design is achieved. Scandinavian decorations are perfect for light-flooded living rooms, thus creating a feel-good atmosphere in the room.

Furnishing examples for living rooms in the Scandinavian furnishing style


Natural materials characterize the Scandinavian interior design in combination with bright colors and a lot of white. If you want to create the living room in the Scandinavian style, you can use wooden elements as decoration or use appropriate furniture from the furniture.

Furnishings for living rooms with different seating possibilities

If you have decided on the style of the furniture, you should consider the furniture you need for the furniture. The seating in the living room is of central importance. Whether a comfortable chair, comfortable couch or elegant floor pillow, depends on your preferences.

Find matching living room furniture


In addition to the seating furniture, you may also need a couch table or side table, as well as cabinets for the living wall. Sideboards represent a good set-up of equipment, which has recently enjoyed great popularity. Choose the furniture so that it fits harmoniously into the interior. Do not use unnecessary pieces of furniture, such as too many stools or wall shelves, which in effect remain empty.

Arrangement examples for living rooms in pastel tones


The right combination of colors and patterns plays a crucial role when you set up the living room. Ask yourself first if you want a neutral or rather colorful interior. A suitable decision for those who can not choose between color combinations and neutral room design is a device in elegant pastel tones.

Use furniture tips for living room colors correctly


If you want to create the living room elegant and stylish in neutral colors, then you can combine gray and beige. Delicate cream for the curtains lets the sunlight into the room and therefore creates a bright interior. A cow carpet in the living room as a complement radiates coziness and has a particularly noble effect in the room.

Furnishings for living rooms in black and white

Black and white offer a timeless combination for the modern living room. Instead of a radiant white, you can opt for a dirty white or ivory, thus refining the interior immediately. Combined with natural materials, the popular Fab duo looks equally beautiful and elegant.

Living room ideas in earth tones

If you want to create a natural ambiance in the apartment, you can design the living room with furnishings and wall design in earth tones. Dark brown, beige and even ochre bring warmth to the interior and can be combined nicely with natural materials such as wood and leather.

Furnishings for living rooms with color accents


The color is totally announced at the décor, and this makes it possible to set strong and playful accents. Even cheeky color combinations such as orange and blue or green and yellow used for interior design. Continue to combine with different patterns and motifs and design the space according to your preferences.

Colors of the living room


For living room in fun color combinations, you can use the installation examples as inspiration for the design of your own four walls. Not stop at a couch in the accent color and turn the living room into a colorful OASIS.

Example for living room with carpet


Upholstery furniture such as armchairs and sofas in striking color can be combined with a matching carpet. In doing so, you should adjust the colors and patterns of the carpet on the furniture and round off the overall picture with the suitable decors, such as cushion covers and wall decorations.

Persian rug in the modern living room

If you are looking for a modern living room, then you can combine elements from different furnishing styles. Furnishing examples for living rooms in modern style with a Persertppich as a highlight are particularly popular. Such a mix of styles creates a special atmosphere in the room and ensures an innovative interior design.

Examples of furnishing for living room with patterned carpet


The interior of the living room can be rounded off with a matching carpet. Patterned rugs are the perfect addition to a modern living area. Stripes, chevron and check pattern combine perfectly with monochrome furniture and are considered the special something in the living room.

Wall design in living room – select wall paint


The wall design plays a crucial role in the furnishing of every room in the apartment, and the living room is also no exception. You can choose among wall paints, wallpapers, wall coverings and various decorations. To find the right wall color for the living room, you should consider features such as the size of the room, the position of the windows and the amount of light.

Furnishings for living room with wallpaper


The walls in the living room can be designed as desired with wallpaper. Different colors, patterns, motifs, even landscapes, and photos can decorate your walls with wallpaper. Particularly trendy are living room wallpapers with geometric motifs on a neutral background.

Furnishings for a colorful living room


The furnishing examples for living rooms with playful color accents can be combined with a colorful wall design. Colorful stripes on the wall ensure a good mood in everyday life and are perfect for the living room of a family with children.

Lighting ideas for the living room


The right lighting is another important aspect when designing the living room. Bright wall paints in combination with a hard, direct light create a working atmosphere and are not suitable for the living room. A soft light, on the other hand, turns the relaxation mode and fits perfectly in a living room as a retreat.

Furnishings for living rooms with indirect lighting

An indirect lighting is the advanced light source for the modern living room. LED strips can be installed in corners and on the ceiling by radiating a discreet light in the room. The indirect lighting can be perfectly combined with installation pots and elegant floor lamps.

Create and customize your living room

To give your living room a personal touch, you can round off the interior decoration with deco. Decorative items, greenhouse plants, and beautiful murals or photos are perfect. Use our furnishing examples for living rooms as inspiration and design your living area elegantly and stylishly.


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