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33 Dark and Cozy Bedroom Spaces Layout 33 Dark and Cozy Bedroom Spaces Layout
Our article today will deal with the design of rooms in dark tones. There is a lot to say about the dark and sophisticated... 33 Dark and Cozy Bedroom Spaces Layout

Our article today will deal with the design of rooms in dark tones. There is a lot to say about the dark and sophisticated bedrooms; When walls, bedding, floor, and accessories are dark, you can create a heavenly lair to shelter after a long day of work.

If you like the dramatic appeal, consider adding soft lighting in strategic areas to keep the mood and help you appreciate your bedroom.

Room design ideas in dark shades


Dark themes help center the mind, creating an atmosphere of relaxation to help calm and sleep. But dark rooms are not only practical but also ideal for sophisticated design themes because a restricted color palette showed a sense of discipline and directed attention that ‘s hard to achieve with a more whimsical or playful approach.

Original room design ideas in dark colors


The good flow of color will create a sense of continuity and harmony through your bedroom. Look at the ideas below and choose the color combinations that match your criteria. After that, choose the theme of your room, and be sure to select the one that best describes you. Keep your creativity sharp and use it to mix the color with the theme to make your design.

Room design with dark accent wall


Such a bold and limited palette can make almost any space feel minimalist, but here the clever use of the subtle texture helps make the bedroom look attractive. The use of the illustrations breaks the extensions of sharp angles with smooth lines that flow.

Original design of modern bedroom with black wall

The black and white decoration complies with the grayscale only through the effect of light and shadow with some exceptions, such as carpet and details about the paintings. Overall, the room looks richly dark, but not gloomy thanks to the abundance of pristine white surfaces to counteract the black features.

Modern room with upholstered headboard by Giorgos Tataridis

Geometric coverings take this dark bedroom to the next level. The black and white accent wall creates the illusion of medium gray scale tones thanks to the creative play of light and shadow, transforming a strict palette into a dramatic feature that immediately catches the eye. The indirect lighting in the white strip makes this effect even more powerful. In the foreground, the warmer neutrals make their appearance with a strong contrast regarding tonality and texture; Smooth wood and organic brushstrokes versus sharp geometry.

Original wall cladding design with dark panels

These distinctive chairs are from the Tabano collection by Patricia Urquiola. In the background, the pendant lights are the work of Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, from the Match collection.

Room with classic gray walls by Harun Kaymaz

Classic features like the antique-style lamp lend a sophisticated character to this dark and sumptuous room. A triptych of black and white photographs fits the panels directly above the headboard, almost like a window into another time and place, easily reflecting an old and warm charm that this room seems to embody. It ‘s hard not to notice the small collection of curiosities under the window. Other features stand out such as the geometric side table and integrated lighting.

Modern room designed by Hasankhani Tabriz

The designer called it “Hello-Yellow” and this beautiful bedroom gives a good example of the intention of the name. The illustrations, the accent wall, and even the floors are dark, giving, even more, drama and burst to the soft yellow accents like the lips in the paint and the golden color blanket of a dandelion on the bed.

Original modern room design in dark shades

The painting, of course, brings the theme of distinctive color along with the details of colors much more vivid than the palette of textiles presents. To balance the surreal style of the room, simple industrial lighting and furniture remain relics of the outside world.

* Valium Studio modern bedroom design

Here’s a look at a room that is exceptionally dark regarding palette and theme. The matt black background highlights a typographic installation that counts the resident’s “days left to live,” presumably based on a half-life.

Original male bedroom decor in dark tones

The designers created this bedroom with a single in mind, stripping furniture and personal affections only to the most needed objects and personally representative decorations.

Original modern room decor in dark tones

Decorative themes include motorcycles and vintage elements; With a bit of creative planning, even the most basic staples of the lifestyle can become an ornament.

Decorate a room with dark colors


You should achieve a balance in your design style. If you have dark walls, why not create a contrast with light brown bed linen, yellow butter or different shades of white sheets? Use cushions, pillows in the decoration of your bedroom to give a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

Modern room designs decorated in dark tones


One of the more shaded areas in your home is the closet or dresser. If your closet is inside your bedroom and has no windows, there are elegant solutions to solve this problem. Lighting fixtures such as hanging lights and recessed light can bring additional lighting to the dressing areas. Also, add some mirrors where you can to reflect the light.

Spacious room decorated in dark tones


Do you have a room that you can not wait to paint, wary of what dark colors to choose? Do not deviate from the dark colors as they are a wonderful way to bring dramatic aesthetics to your space and add personality. Look first at natural light sources. The more windows and doors have their walls, the darker the wall color. If you have very small windows or only a few, opt for lighter tones to make the room feel brighter and larger.

Modern room design with cement and wood flooring

If your closet is inside the room and does not have an outside wall, look for a solar tube that will bring light from your ceiling to your closet. These are energy efficient because they do not use electricity and light with glowing natural light.

Modern room design with capitoné style upholstered headboard

We hope that these design ideas have helped you to start planning the color and theme of your bedroom, and remember that if you want to continue learning more trends and news of interior design you should not stop visiting our website, see you soon.

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