About Mosque Bingkudu

About Mosque Bingkudu

Mosque Bingkudu (sometimes spelled or written Masjid Bengkudu jual bedug online and is also called the Mosque Jamik Bingkudu) is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia which was founded by the Padri Padri middle of a war in West Sumatra in 1823. [1] [2] mosque architecture Minangkabau is located in Jorong Bingkudu, Nagari Koto Canduang Laweh, District Canduang, Agam, West Sumatra. [3] When began to be established, the mosque is made of wood, from the floor, poles, up to the walls of the mosque. [4]


At present, apart from being used as a worship activity Muslims and religious education facility for students, mosque Bingkudu also used as the headquarters of the Poverty Eradication Coordination Team Jorong Bingkudu. [5] Even much earlier, has been set by the government Agam as cultural heritage in 1989 . [6] Thus, in 1991, the mosque was started undergoing refurbishment as a whole. [7]


In addition to its authenticity is maintained, the architecture of the mosque is also very easy to recognize, especially in the shape of the roof which consists of three tiers with a little hollow. [8] It began to be established, the mosque was wearing a peg system, the pattern of the building that does not use nails on every timber connection. [4]


Mosque located at the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 1,050 m Marapi above sea level, built on a plot of land measuring 60 x 60 square meters, with a building area of ​​21 x 21 meters. [9] While the building height from ground level up to the summit ( roof) is approximately 19 meters. This mosque has a construction made of wood with a 3-storey roof structure made from the fibers. [8] Like the Tower House, the building of this mosque has a cage or vault as high as 1.5 meters. [6]


The main hall of the mosque is square-shaped measuring 21 x 21 meters. [10] The main mast is located in the center of the main room of sixteen square shape with a diameter of 75 cm. [11] While the poles in a square around the main pillar of twelve with a diameter of 30 to 40 cm . [3] There is also a 5 pole at the mihrab of this mosque, the mihrab is located in the west were slightly juts out. [9]


The main room is also decorated with ancient chandeliers and some wall lamps mounted on each pole in the mosque. [10] These lamps are functioning as well as accessories torch the mosque. [12] In addition, at the front of the main hall there is an old pulpit year of manufacture can be referenced from the writings of figures in 1316 Hijri (approximately 1906) on the crown of the pulpit. [9] The pulpit shaped “L” is made of wood and equipped with stairs up and down stairs are intentionally made separately, with stairs going up made faces forward while descending the stairs leading to the side. [7]


Entrance to the main room to the east. Inside are 53 poles diameter between 30-40 cm with a shape of twelve and sixteen, there is also a pole as a milestone spur located in the middle of a square of sixteen diameter of 75 cm. Inside the mosque there is an old-fashioned chandelier and several pieces of ancient wall lights mounted on poles mosque. Ornately carved poles are on the top and on the beam binder between one pole to the other pole is a typical mosque Bingkudu.



Mihrab of the mosque located in west juts out from the main building. The pulpit of the mosque does not exist there, but lies in front of him. Pulpit made of wood carved with ornate golden color was made in 1906, the form of the letter ‘L.’ Has climbed the ladder facing forward and down stairs leads laterally. On the left and right sides of the stairs the stairs there is carved with motifs of tendrils. On the pulpit crown engraved calligraphy, and at the top were also found writings in 1316 figures H (1906 AD).

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