Benefits of Taking Aloe Vera on An Empty Stomach


Everyone already knows that the aloe vera or aloe plant has many properties, that the gelatinous substance inside is used topically to cure many conditions and is very effective. And we also know its properties when taken orally. But did you know that it is also very beneficial if you take it on an empty stomach? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives us energy so that our body works well after sleep, and if we also provide healthy food our body will thank us. You can take aloe in the form of juice and add it to your morning diet. If you want to know what you can contribute in this article of ututilis, we tell you the benefits of taking aloe vera on an empty stomach.

Aloe helps in digestion

Taking aloe vera fasting favors the digestion process. Cleans the digestive tract, which is very favorable for those with gastric problems or who have trouble processing some foods. It also regulates the gastrointestinal tract so it is very good whether you have diarrhea or constipation. It also helps in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn or indigestion.

Thanks to the properties of aloe vera this plant keeps the intestines healthy and stimulates the production of the intestinal bacterial flora which makes it balanced and free of bacteria.

Aloe vera has detoxifying properties

The gel that contains the aloe vera plant inside is perfect for detoxifying the colon because it causes harmful substances and waste to circulate and be expelled while helping the elements that are beneficial for the body to be absorbed. In this way, the aloe helps the body to get the good and get rid of the bad. This also helps the colon to be less inflamed and relieves the discomfort and pain this can cause.

In our body, the liver and kidneys filter the beneficial substances and help to separate the harmful substances, so they are the organs that help detoxification. The fasting aloe vera helps these organs and acts together in the process of detoxification. The body will remain free of toxins and the organs will work better.

Improves cardiovascular health with aloe vera

The aloe vera fasting may promote cardiovascular health in many ways. One of them is that it oxygenates the blood and helps distribute the red blood cells. In addition, aloe vera has many nutrients that help lower cholesterol naturally, such as beta-sitosterol. It also helps control blood pressure and improves circulation.

Fasting aloe vera strengthens the immune system

Aloe vera has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which helps the immune system. In addition, it contains polysaccharides, compounds that help the immune system of our body keeping it healthy. Therefore aloe veracleanses the body and keeps it free of bacteria and infections and also provides it with necessary nutrients that will help prevent diseases.

Also keep in mind that aloe vera has adaptogens, which are substances that only contain some plants and that help the body to adapt to changes and maintain a good mental and physical performance. These substances increase the defenses in the body and can not only help you with diseases but also to better carry stress situations. So a glass of aloe juice will fasting will help you not only to have a healthy organism but also to perform better throughout the day.

The fasting aloe vera contributes necessary substances for the organism

Take a juice of aloe vera fasting every day gives us the necessary doses of minerals and vitamins. The gel of the aloe vera plant contains minerals such as calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc or copper. And vitamins like A, B and C, plus folic acid and some trace of vitamin B12. This helps the body and makes it a powerful antioxidant.

It also contains 20 of the 21 amino acids that the body needs. They are substances that make proteins remain in our body. Also, in its composition has fatty acids such as plant sterols that help to have less fat in blood and reduce allergies.

Fasting aloe helps lose weight

Due to its antioxidant properties of elimination of toxins and waste, due to aloin, helps cleanse the body. But it also favors the burning of fat by eliminating adipose tissue thanks to the metabolism of fatty acids.

Keep in mind that it has a laxative effect and as we have seen it favors the circulation of the intestinal tract helping you to go to the bathroom which will also eliminate toxins and help digest food and have a good digestive balance. An aloe vera juice in the morning fasting mixed with some other fruit will help you to release toxins and waste causing your body to get rid of everything you do not need, besides burning fat, which not only favors your health but also is effective for weight loss.

Aloe vera juice for fasting

You can prepare an aloe vera juice by mixing it with some healthy fruits to incorporate it into your breakfast. First let’s see how to get the juice out of the plant :

  1. To do this, take a penca (aloe vera leaf) and cut it whole, better cut a whole than a piece. From the penca that we have cut we can take advantage of all the gel and if we have enough we can save it, but it is better to cut it whole. With a sharp knife it will be much easier for you.
  2. First you have to remove the thorns from the leaf that are on the sides so cut them trying to eliminate only the thorny part and making the most of the leaf.
  3. Open the leaf and with a spoon extract all the pulp and store it in a glass jar. This gel is what we use of aloe vera and it will help us to make the juices.

To make an aloe vera juice to take on an empty stomach you will only have to follow these syndications:

  1. Add it to a blender together with some fruit and beat it until it is liquefied.
  2. You can add the juice of a lemon and in this way you will purify the organism and eliminate toxins.
  3. It helps you lose weight if after this you do not take anything for at least an hour after.

You can also add aloe vera to your natural orange juice breakfast. Or you can include fruits such as strawberries that, although you may not believe it, are suitable for diabetics and also contain fiber and are also diuretic.

If you want to prepare a detox juice you can add the aloe vera juice with a few pieces of pineapple and cucumber that will also help the digestive system and stomach.


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