Modern Architecture and Home Decor Design Ideas

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Origami in architecture – knows the most emblematic buildings –
Origami is a creative method of folding paper to develop beautiful shapes. After being popularized outside Japan in the mid-1900s, it has become a modern art form, which has inspired artists from all over the world and from many areas, including architecture. Attempts to make architectural designs based on the... Read more
New style – Trousdale Place Residence warmth and modernity
On several occasions, we have shared different housing designs with a new style. Today we have another great example as a sample of functionality and elegance. Trousdale Place Residence is a perfect example of an atmosphere with a new style. Trousdale Place Residence is a house that was recently... Read more
Houses in trees – a unique design by Malan Vorster
It is undoubted that the houses in the trees have that magic complement so interesting that it goes back to us to the childhood. Today we have brought a wonderful example as a reinterpretation of what are houses in trees. It has nothing to do with those of the... Read more
Examples of Modern Houses with Black Facades
All black exteriors create a dramatic look that can not be lost by people passing by. They are bold, unique, and can seem extremely elegant. To show what we mean, here are 14 examples of modern exteriors of black houses. Examples of modern houses with black facades The black... Read more
House built on hillside – A modern architecture of wood and metal
Hillside houses are undoubtedly a challenge and are therefore often shunned. A modern house in hillsides was built in Vilnius in Lithuania by the Arch company. It has an attractive façade of wood and window fronts, which together with the terraces provide a perfect view of the beautiful garden... Read more
Concrete Homes – The Small Tiny House in Mexico
Today we have for all of you lovers of the concrete houses the tiny house of the architect Aranza de Ariño and the director Claudio Sodi who is located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and was designed in 2016. Concrete houses the tiny house in close to Puerto Escondido Mexico... Read more
The Modest Home Designed by Coy Yiontis Architects
Today we have for all of you the house designed by Coy Yiontis Architects in Barwon heads, Australia, the design of this inspiring contemporary residence was finished in 2015. The house designed by Coy Yiontis Architects has a contemporary architecture that is not resembling the houses that surround it.... Read more
House of Glass with Sea View – Dream House in Costa Rica
Who does not dream of a modern house on the ocean coast with a tropical climate, where the summer lasts all year long? A futuristic glass house in Costa Rica fulfills the highest demands and satisfies all the senses that aspire to recovery and exoticism. The outstanding project is... Read more
Large Window Fronts for More Daylight – A House in Australia
This dream house with modern design located on the northern coast of Sydney, Australia. Large windows and spacious terraces offer a magnificent view of the harbor and Seaforth on the south coast of the city. Together with skylights make the glass walls of a large amount of natural light... Read more
Striking Canadian Home Design with Clean Interior Ideas
A Canadian Home Design known as Home around the Hills that is a home design product by Taylor Smyth Designers was constructed in 2011 with the modern home design. Positioned in Scarborough, Ontario, this stunning home turns into such a striking residence for the Canadian. The facade of this home... Read more