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30 Beautiful ideas and tips furnishing examples of living rooms
30 Beautiful ideas and tips furnishing examples of living rooms The living room is much more than just a cozy sofa opposite the TV. In the modern apartment, this room is considered to be a retreat where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the free time at home with... Read more
14 Original Decorative Fireplaces Designs
Today we have for you all very original ideas of decorative fireplaces. Since we are in the winter time and no matter where you live, fire is an excellent way to add warmth and comfort to space regardless of whether it is indoor or outdoor. Decorative fireplaces for the... Read more
The Country House Style in The Living Room – From Classic to Modern
Cozy and natural: the country style in the living room offers a lot of coziness with nostalgic charm. It lives with natural substances and bright colors that convey freshness and lightness. Before you get the idyllic Land nature into your four walls, you should know that there are several different... Read more
Decoration for The Living Room in The Scandinavian Style – Tips and Pictures
In the modern furniture design, the style of Scandinavian living is highly influence and not without reason. The interior design looks simple, neat and homely. The basic elements are the monochrome colors – mainly white, gray and black, and of course a lot of wood in almost their natural... Read more
19 Livingroom Ideas and Color Combinations in Turquoise
Want to feel the summer feeling all year round in your home, then you are right with the turquoise color. It is reminiscent of the sea and the beach, especially in a matching color combination. The blue-green color also used for a modern home furnishings to create wonderful color accents.... Read more