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Design the Rear Wall of The Kitchen in Copper – 20 Ideas for The Tile Kitchen Mirror Design the Rear Wall of The Kitchen in Copper – 20 Ideas for The Tile Kitchen Mirror
The kitchen tile mirror in the kitchen not only has a protective function by protecting the wall from grease splashes. It should of course also... Design the Rear Wall of The Kitchen in Copper – 20 Ideas for The Tile Kitchen Mirror

The kitchen tile mirror in the kitchen not only has a protective function by protecting the wall from grease splashes. It should of course also look visually good and can then give the kitchen furniture the finishing touch. And since surfaces of metal and especially copper are currently very trendy, we have compiled a collection of ideas for the back wall of the kitchen in copper.

Take a look at the possibilities to create the splash protection for the kitchen with beautiful copper.

Back panel of the kitchen – Copper as splash guard for stove


The variants for the back wall of the kitchen made of copper are numerous. Copper can occupy both the entire kitchen rear wall, as well as just as a splash protection for the stove as used here and thus turned into a more interesting accent. The rest of the kitchen can be made of tiles, glass or wood.

Rear panel of the Copper Kitchen for industrial style


The back wall of the copper kitchen is also suitable for any style. Since there are a variety of designs in the form of panels or copper tiles, the right model for your kitchen style is quickly found. Choose a smooth, simple copper plate for the modern kitchen or decorated tiles for the country house style.

Penny’s Kitchen spray-resistant


Very interesting, such designs work from Penny. By making the individual elements a sparkling effect, you give your kitchen with this tile mirror a certain glamorous look suitable for any style. In the front screen you can see, for example, a modern, plain kitchen, which gets an interesting eye catcher through the penny tile mirrors.

Copper, steel, and wood


Copper can be combined with other metals and materials. If the back wall of the kitchen is made of copper, you can complement it with steel appliances, a worktop made of steel or other precious metals. Copper has a warm, reddish color, which also fits perfectly to wood, no matter what color.

Shining copper


Copper may have both a matte surface and a glossy surface. Brilliant variants, in which reflections are created are particularly suitable for smaller kitchens. They have almost the same effect as mirrors, which make smaller spaces appear larger. The combination of white and copper for the back wall of the kitchen is particularly attractive and is complemented by high-gloss tiles.

Tiles in copper color


Copper tiles have the property that they erode over time. This gives them a unique charm, which is also excellent in the kitchen in the form of a back wall of the kitchen. In this way, you can create rustic, shabby-chic, Mediterranean and classic kitchens, the look of which is even enhanced with copper tiles.

Kitchen with back panel of copper tiles


Copper tiles can also decorate the entire back wall of the kitchen or only the area at the stove. In Combination with a dark wooden worktop, you can extend the warm color while emphasizing the surface mirror with a contrasting color. Also, rinses are available in copper and can be selected for such a design.

Tiles with ornaments


Copper tiles that possess such ornaments are very charming. They are especially suitable for rural kitchens. The patterns are made possible thanks to the rather soft structure of the copper so that the kitchen’s back wall can choose a wide variety of designs. Some interesting variants can be viewed below.

Customized back wall of the kitchen


You can also make designs to suit your taste. The back wall of the kitchen above was made according to the wishes of the owners and impressed with a unique structure that now adorns the heart. The entire kitchen is made of warm colors that exude coziness and make the stay in the room particularly pleasant.

Mosaic design for the surface mirror


Do not forget the trendy mosaic tiles. They consist of small elements of glass or plastic, to which a foil in copper look is processed. The mosaic in the kitchen is particularly interesting. For example, lift the back of the kitchen in the area of the cooker.

A mix of colors


Use copper mosaic for the back wall of the kitchen to make a patchwork kitchen even more colorful. This kitchen is made of wood-colored, white and discreet green wardrobes. And despite the many different colors, a harmonious interplay is created. The lighting of the exhaust hood also lets the flow mirror radiate and underline its charm.

Quilted design tile mirror


This design is also a real eye-catcher. It is characterized by a quilted pattern as we know it from quilts, which exudes special comfort. This accent is combined with a light brick. Both materials form a unique back wall of the country style kitchen. The copper looks like a work of art.

Kitchen rear wall ideas with panels


Wall panels for the copper kitchen are also available in different versions. Top models with a simple surface and rectangular shape, which can be laid as desired to create interesting patterns. Plain panels for the back wall of the kitchen are suitable for both modern and retro kitchens.

Hammered copper


If you have a too simple smooth copper plate, just select panels of hammered copper. You can see how these can look like in the example above. Panels are particularly easy to clean because they have few or even no joints. Even the uneven surface of the hammered copper can be cleaned quickly and easily. The perfect variation for the back wall of the kitchen!

Copper in wave optics


Or how about such a wave design? The pattern gives the back wall of the kitchen an interesting structure and can especially loosen the atmosphere in simple kitchens. The protruding elements should be well rounded so that the surface mirror can be cleaned easily.

Accents set in the kitchen


Copper can be the most effective when only a few areas are designed with this material. The small bar in this kitchen has a copper back wall. Since it is a subtle accent, can be decorated with other accessories from copper. For this purpose, instead of a whole back wall of the kitchen, a hood of copper was chosen.

Rear Wall for kitchens with flamed copper


Particularly beautiful patterns in different color nuances can be designed with flamed copper. For such a back wall the kitchen can also be played with different structures of the surface. Thus, Artifical tile mirrors can arise, such as this design that reminds of a sun. Also pay attention to the cupboards, which are color-matched to the copper.

Modern Kitchen


Here you can see an idea for simple copper panels, which have been chosen for the back wall of the kitchen in modern style. The gray wood is thus made somewhat warmer. In addition, a kitchen rear wall does not always have to be between the upper and the lower parts. Even a bare wall can be protected in this way.

Back wall of the kitchen with matching worktop


Again, the back wall of the kitchen is just an accent in the cooking area. However, this is supplemented by a suitable worktop for the kitchen island. These darker colors, which are also found in the flooring, are a perfect combination to the bright country kitchen. If you have a kitchen island with a pot rack above, you can also hang copper cookware.


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