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Examples of Modern Houses with Black Facades Examples of Modern Houses with Black Facades
All black exteriors create a dramatic look that can not be lost by people passing by. They are bold, unique, and can seem extremely... Examples of Modern Houses with Black Facades

All black exteriors create a dramatic look that can not be lost by people passing by. They are bold, unique, and can seem extremely elegant.
To show what we mean, here are 14 examples of modern exteriors of black houses.

Examples of modern houses with black facades

The black metal cladding on the outside of this house located in Arnhem, Netherlands, gives the cubic facade an even more modern look and contrasts the surrounding vegetation.


The black exterior of this Canadian house contrasts the winter landscape. This villa is embedded on the side of a slope, providing an elevation from one floor to the entrance overlooking Nottawasaga Bay. Customers wanted a contemporary custom designed villa that required a minimum of maintenance, which would be done on a tight budget with a condensed construction schedule. This emphasis on practicality and economy led to a single volume coated in dashboard and batton with a low pitched, oversized metal roof. The result is a simple black shape in the snowy landscape. This intense contrast with the winter terrain is reversed in the interior, where white walls and large window openings dissolve the interior in an abstraction with the pristine snow outside. A modest interior of concrete floors, sliding doors, a wood burning fireplace and custom oak cabinets combined with prefabricated cabinets, provide a serene backdrop in a well proportioned and tranquil space.


The glossy black material forms the exterior of this modular house, designed by A-cero Architects.


Large windows are the only things that interrupt the black coating on the exterior of this house.

The only parts of this house not covered in black lining are floor to ceiling windows and doors.

A black wood paneling covers the exterior of this house of the suburban family.

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The two-story extension in this home is covered in black lining to give it a contemporary look.The owners wanted an addition in their home In Fremantle, Australia.The task was given to Philip Stejskal’s company to create a two-story home-based addition that included an upper level dedicated to the study of the art of the customers.The owners wanted to create a self-sufficient extension at the rear, Which allowed them to use the existing house as short-stay accommodation or to accommodate the family during their visits.This separation was relatively easy due to the subdivided interior of the existing dwelling, essentially a 4-bedroom cabin.The room that previously housed a kitchen And occupied the corner became the threshold between the old and the new – a corridor that also contained utility functions behind closed doors. 9459005]
 This small house has been covered in black lining to give it a modern touch and hide in the dark forest that surrounds it. <img class=


Original examples of modern façades

The black corrugated metal lining of this house is adapted to its industrial style.


The matt black exterior of this house creates an intriguing modern look that contrasts the rugged rugged landscape that surrounds it.




Burnt and blackened wood panels cover the whole exterior of this forest house.

Modern house designed by RS + Robert Skitek




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