How to Deflate a Grain


If you have a pimple on your face and it has swollen, you should know that there are some tricks that can help you reduce a pimple. From natural remedies to products you are sure to have at home, there are many possibilities to reduce the swelling and disguise, to the maximum, the appearance of acne. In a How we tell you how to deflate a grain and also give you some tips to take care of your face and have it smooth and perfect.

Home remedies for acne

There are different natural treatments for acne that you can do right from your own home. There are some everyday products that contain components that will help to reduce the grain and make your appearance look better. In a How we give you a few to choose the one you like the most:

  • Ice: when we give ourselves a blow we go to the ice to reduce inflammation because when there is a grain the ice will also help to reduce inflammation. Just try to put it in a plastic bag to avoid burning your skin with a direct contact; Place it in the grain and let it act for about 6 or 7 minutes.
  • Toothpaste with fluoride: fluorine is a common component in toothpaste and helps to reduce the inflammation of a pimple. To achieve this, you must place a little paste on the inflamed area and let it dry, then clean it with plenty of water and repeat the process until you feel the improvement.

  • Massage around the grain: if we make a gentle circular massage around the inflamed area we can activate the circulation of the blood and, therefore, we get the swelling to decrease little by little. This is a somewhat slow home remedy and you will have to be patient with it.
  • Lemon with salt: the acidity of the lemon mixed with the salt gets disinfected the grain and getting it to improve, to achieve it you only have to mix the juice of a lemon with a little salt and apply it in the area with the help of a cotton ball. The healing process will accelerate and you will look a cleaner and softer face.
  • Tea tree oil: contains antibacterial properties making it ideal for treating acne and to prevent the skin’s oil from producing granites again. Apply a little of this oil on cotton and pass it through the area you want to relieve.
  • Apple cider vinegar: the acidity of vinegar is also perfect to fight against acne, therefore, to deflate a grain you must mix half a cup of vinegar in 1 liter of water and add 1 teaspoon of salt. Wash your face every night before sleeping with this mixture and you will see how your acne improves.
  • Brown rice: This ingredient has properties for skin irritation, so it is perfect to help us eliminate a pimple. To do this, you should boil 1 cup of brown rice in a pot with 2 cups of water; strain the rice and save the water because it is the one that we will use for the face. With the help of cotton, put the water in the area to be treated and repeat this process 3 times a week.

Take care of your face with acne

If you are prone to have pimples, it is important that you follow some specific care for acne skins that will help prevent their appearance and show a smoother and smoother face. They are simple treatments that you can add to your routine without any effort and whose results will be seen immediately.

  • Aloe vera: this plant has a great power to heal, so applying it daily on your face will make the marks that have been left on your face by acne are improved and less deep; You can use aloe vera directly from the plant or in its gel or cream formats.

  • Change the sheets: it is important that on a weekly basis you change the sheets of your entire bed but if you suffer from acne, you should change the sheets of the pillow every day so that the grease that comes off your face does not produce more pimples or pimples.
  • Good nutrition: the grains of the face are also related to the type of diet you follow. To take a healthy diet for your skin, it is important that you reduce the intake of greasy foods and eat lots of fruit and fiber; Water is also important to eliminate toxins from the body. First of all, what you should avoid is to take tobacco or alcohol since they are products that aggravate the appearance of acne.
  • Beware of makeup: there are some cosmetic products that can increase the fat of your skin, therefore, if you have a skin with grains it is better to opt for specific makeup for your skin type.

Why acne comes out

There are different causes of acne that cause your face to be invaded by small annoying and unsightly skin infections. In a how we want you to know the causes of acne so you can know how to treat it and learn how to prevent it.

  • Hormones: during adolescence is when more acne appears on our face, this is because hormonal changes lead to the appearance of pimples. Women will also suffer from acne during periods such as menstruation or pregnancy, as their hormones are also undergoing changes.
  • Genes: the appearance of acne is also due to genetic reasons and is that if your parents have suffered from this condition during their life, your skin is likely to be prone to grains.
  • Fat feeding: if you are used to incorporating fatty products into your diets, such as fried, pastry or batter, you are likely to experience more acne than other people, so to see improvement it is important that you change your habits for healthier ones.
  • Other causes of acne: smoking, a use of oily makeup or living in a humid climate can also lead to the onset of acne.


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