How to Get Rid of Scabies Quickly?


Scabies is a skin condition caused by a very resistant mite ( Sarcoptes scabei ) that lays eggs and reproduces rapidly, causing the affected person to suffer itching continuously. As a curiosity, we can also say that the term scabies is derived from the Latin word “scabere”, that is, scratching. In ututilis, we want to help you improve your health and relieve annoying conditions like this, for this we explain in this article how to get rid of scabies quickly.

Symptoms of scabies: the most common

If you ask yourself ” how to know if I have scabies ” you will first have to pay attention to what signs you present and see if they fit you with one of the most common symptoms of scabies in humans that we tell you next. But, anyway, you should go to the doctor to review, diagnose the problem you suffer and can give you the best treatment which can always be reinforced with changes in habits and home remedies.

Among the symptoms of scabies, we can highlight the intense itching as the greatest evidence that these mites have entered our body. Likewise, there will appear on the skin a kind of gray-colored furrows that end at a larger point, following the tunnels that the mites will have developed when crossing the superficial layer of the skin.

It is also very likely that other types of skin lesions and alterations will develop, as a consequence of the allergic reaction that scabies will cause in our body and injuries derived from scratching.

Scabies mites can sometimes be felt under the skin, they are tunneling through the layers of the dermis and flesh, creating pathways to continue their life cycle. The hot and humid areas of the body are the most attractive areas of these mites, but they can invade the entire surface of the body.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse human mange with allergic reactions and, therefore, it is vital to go to the doctor to be sure that it is this problem and not another to be treated in a different way.

The most affected parts of the body by scabies are:

  • Hands and dolls
  • The genital area
  • The Thighs
  • The feet

It is difficult to detect this condition quickly because since the infection of scabies occurs, by contact with someone affected or with objects that are infested, until the first symptoms are perceived, it can take up to a month, because it is the period of time that they take the eggs to mature and become adults.

Tips to get rid of fast mange

To begin to get rid of this condition caused by mites you should do some basic but vital things to avoid the worsening and contagion to other people. For this, you can take into account some recommendations:

Do not scratch yourself

Resist scratching, since ulcers can get infected. Even if it stings you a lot, you must endure the need and desire to scratch the affected area. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and creams to stop itching and infection. This is especially useful when you are sleeping since these mites increase their activity during the night, so do not skip the application of the prescription cream before going to sleep.

Avoid contact with others

Avoid contact with other people, as these mites are very contagious and can be transferred from one affected person to the surface of the skin of another. They can even spread in contact with someone else’s clothes or bedding, so those around you may also get scabies.

Clean your house well

Wash all your bedding, pillows and all other fabrics in very hot water and with detergent. Dry clothes in the dryer to prevent scabies from spreading. Aspire the entire home, including furniture. Kill scabies by putting all items in a plastic bag and sealing it, leaving the items in the bags for two weeks. The eggs hatch in about 10 days but die after 24 hours apart from human skin. Pets can not catch human scabies.

Treat scabies with medication

Most likely, your doctor will prescribe antihistamine medications to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by scabies mites. If this treatment is not enough, they may go on to prescribe corticosteroids to calm the itching. Also, it may be that in some cases at risk of infection the doctor decides to include antibiotics in the treatment. In this way, you should follow the recommendations of the doctor regarding the doses of the drug and the time and manner of taking it.

Home remedies for scabies

If you wonder how to get rid of scabies at home with natural remedies pay attention to these home remedy options that will help you relieve symptoms and improve your condition by reinforcing the treatment prescribed by your doctor:

Aloe vera for scabies

One of the best options for ending scabies is aloe vera or aloe vera. It has an antibacterial and regenerative capacity of the skin, managing to eliminate the mite while also relieving itching and discomfort. You can apply aloe vera gel on the most affected part and let it act for 30 minutes, rinse with plenty of cold water and do this procedure 2 or 3 times a day.

Cure mange with nim oil

The neem or neem oil is among the best home treatments to combat this condition caused by mites. The smell coming from the essence of this natural product repels mites and its components manage to kill them. You simply have to apply this oil on your skin insisting on the most affected parts. It is more advisable that you use it before going to sleep to act during the night and, when you get up, you rinse the oil with plenty of warm water and use a neutral soap.

Turmeric to treat scabies

Turmeric is a perfect spice to alleviate and improve skin conditions and diseases, as it has very anti-inflammatory, soothing and antiseptic properties that will reduce itching and make the environment not suitable for mite survival.

To do this, collect the juice of half a lemon, half a glass of water and a spoonful of turmeric powder, mix everything until a creamy and uniform paste is left. Apply it on the parts you need to treat and leave it for an hour on your dermis so that the components act well. Remove the paste with plenty of warm water and repeat this process every day and you will notice improvements.

When to go to the doctor

You should go to the doctor promptly if you notice that you present symptoms such as pain, itching and a rash in an area of your dermis anywhere on the body. In this way, the specialist can review you, diagnose the problem and prescribe the best in your case.

You should always return to the consultation to review the progress of the treatment and you should not stop using it until the doctor tells you, although it seems that you no longer present symptoms, because you must ensure that the mites have completely disappeared or they will return to reproduce quickly. If at any time during the treatment your symptoms worsen or you notice some new ones, you should also consult your doctor.


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