How to Remove Calluses From The Feet with Home Remedies


The calluses of the feet are one of the most common foot problems, they are a thick layer of skin, very hard and of a yellowish color, which is formed when a part of the foot suffers a prolonged friction with the shoe or is under pressure. They can appear when socks are not used for exercise, for bad posture, for wearing inadequate shoes or for a deformation of the bones. In any case, if the foot callus is not very severe, there are some home remedies that can help you eliminate it completely. If you want to get rid of those hardships that can be very painful, in this article, we show you how to remove calluses from your feet with home remedies.

Why calluses occur on the feet

Before delving into the causes that cause its appearance, we must differentiate between the calluses of the feet and calluses. The treatment to eliminate them is similar for the three cases, their difference lies in the shape of the thickening of the skin. Calluses appear in localized areas, such as the upper part of the fingers, have a conical shape and produce moderate pain. Calluses, on the other hand, are less painful, are more diffuse and widespread, and usually appear on the sole of the foot. All the home remedies that we propose below serve to remove both corns and calluses.

However, they are not the only ailments that can appear on the feet, since they can also develop the dreaded nails, better known as “rooster eyes”. In this case, the thickening of the skin appears with a yellowish outer ring and presents a cone shape, whose pressure causes a much more intense pain than that generated by the calluses.

Now, why are calluses and calluses produced? In both cases, the most frequent cause is the use of incorrect footwear. Walking with unsuitable shoes can generate some areas of the feet are in constant friction or friction, both by excessive pressure, and when using high-heeled shoes or a number less than adequate, as by having more freedom of the necessary, as when the footwear used is of a number greater than indicated. When friction occurs, the horny layer of the skin, as a defense and protection of the affected area, develops a series of layers of thick and hard skin and results in the appearance of corns or calluses.

Other causes of callus production are the following:

  • The practice of sport without the use of socks or appropriate socks.
  • Malformations of the bones of the feet.
  • Walking improperly

The use of pumice stone to remove calluses from the feet

Before applying any home remedy to remove the callus from the foot, use a file for calluses or a pumice stone and rub it gently. This tool is ideal even for removing calluses from the most delicate areas of the foot, first cleaning the affected area with a pH neutral soap and making circular movements in the water. Likewise, you can also use it after applying natural remedies.

Natural remedy to remove calluses from the feet with nettles

After applying the pumice stone, you can try to eliminate calluses and calluses from the feet with nettles. Take the stems of the nettle and the flowers, and wash them well. Afterward, you must obtain your juice by passing the stems and the flowers washed by the blender. Apply the juice of nettles on the calluses several times a day until they are completely removed.

Another way to use this plant as a home remedy to remove calluses from the feet is to make an infusion with it. To do this, put a liter of water to boil, add a handful of nettle leaves and let them cook for 10-15 minutes over low heat. Stir the preparation, let it warm and moisten your feet with the infusion also obtained several times a day. In both cases, for greater effectiveness, you can apply the remedy, cover the foot with a clean gauze and leave for 30 minutes, or an hour.

Calendula, an excellent natural regenerator of the skin

Besides the nettle, there are other very effective flowers against the calluses of the feet like the calendula, a plant coming from the south of Europe. To apply this natural remedy and get rid of the calluses once and for all, it is best to take a marigold, remove the leaves and crush them to form a paste. You can do this step with a mortar, for example. Once the paste is obtained, you simply have to apply it on the affected area, cover it with a bandage or clean gauze and leave it for a while. Ideally is to administer this remedy about two hours before going to sleep so that the skin can absorb it and start to eliminate the callus. You can repeat this process on the days that are necessary.

Another very effective way to use this plant is preparing homemade calendula oil, applying it directly on the callus, covering it with a gauze and letting it rest. Thanks to the antiseptic and healing properties of the calendula, this plant has the ability to regenerate damaged skin, restore it and eliminate the callus produced as a defense.

Onion, perfect to soften calluses and eliminate them

The onion is one of the vegetables with more healing properties and, as such, it is a home remedy that could not miss removing the calluses from the feet. Cut half an onion, rub the area of the callus with it and cover it with a gauze, a bandage, and even a sock. Perform this operation before going to bed for several nights and sleep with the remedy applied so that the juice of the onion penetrates well into the skin and acts to eliminate callus.

For this home remedy, you can use any type of onion, since they all have healed, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties that allow the calluses to soften, disappear and damaged skin to regenerate properly.

Garlic to remove calluses from the feet and fungi

Another very effective home remedy to remove calluses from the feet is garlic. Apply the garlic juice on the callus or take a clove of garlic, mash it and mix it with a little olive oil. Cover the callus with the preparation in circular movements and cover it with a bandage. Perform this operation before going to bed to let it act throughout the night.

Garlic acts as a natural exfoliant, gradually removing the hardened skin that causes callus and regenerating the dermis thanks to its emollient properties.

Fig juice and lemon

The juice that the figs give off is also a good home remedy to remove calluses from the feet. Apply it on the callus and let it act for a while so that the skin absorbs it and benefits from its properties. In this sense, this fruit has the ability to soften the skin and eliminate calluses thanks to its moisturizing, emollient, anti-inflammatory and high doses of vitamins and minerals that help maintain the health of the dermis.

The citric acid lemon is another very effective to remove calluses due to its healing and emollients, soothing home remedy. To apply, cut a slice of lemon and place it on the callus. Then, cover it with a bandage and let it rest throughout the night.

Baking soda, a natural exfoliant perfect for calluses

Sodium bicarbonate gives you the opportunity to remove calluses from your feet by making a homemade scrub with it as the main ingredient. To do this, you simply mix two tablespoons of baking soda with a little water, enough to get a thick paste. If you notice that the result is too liquid, add more bicarbonate, while if it turns out to be the opposite, add more water. Apply the exfoliant on the callus using circular movements for approximately five minutes. Then, rinse the feet with warm water, rub the affected area with the pumice stone and cover it with one of the previous remedies to accelerate the elimination process.

And if you want to enhance the effects of this home remedy, add a few drops of lemon juice to the homemade scrub.

White vinegar and onion

If the onion alone is already an excellent remedy to remove calluses from the feet when mixed with white vinegar its effects are enhanced. This is so thanks to the renewing properties of the skin presented by vinegar, antiseptic and disinfectants. In this way, in addition to removing the hardened and dead skin, it prevents the appearance of infections and is ideal, too, to treat fungal problems.

To prepare this remedy you must place white vinegar in a container with a lid, insert three slices of onion, cover the jar and reserve it for several hours. Then, open it, moisten a cotton or gauze in the preparation and rub the callus with it making circular movements. Then, place the gauze covering the area and cover the foot with a sock to let the remedy work throughout the night. The next day, wash the feet with warm water and rub the callus with the pumice stone.

If you prefer, you can also mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with a liter of warm water and enter the foot with the callus directly into the preparation, leave it for 15 minutes and rub with the pumice stone.

How to prevent calluses on the feet

Undoubtedly, the best way to prevent the appearance of calluses on the feet is by using appropriate and comfortable footwear, as well as performing exercises to walk correctly. Likewise, carrying out a routine of hydration and care of the feet is essential to avoid the formation of layers of hardened skin, dryness or cracked heels.

On the other hand, all the home remedies to eliminate the aforementioned calluses can be applied as a prevention, before going to bed to let them act for a couple of hours and, even, all night. And if your foot callus is very severe, you are very prone to them or suffer from diabetic foot, we recommend that you go to a podiatrist to have it checked and treated.


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