How to Stop Bleeding Due to Hemorrhoids


Do you suffer from hemorrhoids? It is a very common ailment that causes severe discomfort in people who suffer from them. But the situation is complicated when we see that, when going to the bathroom, bleeding appears along with the stool. We should not be too alarmed by this fact because it is very common that, with the accumulation of blood in the inflamed vein, in the end, it ends up bursting and, therefore, we can see spots on our underwear or our stools. In this article, we are going to tell you how to stop hemorrhoids bleeding so that you can know all the natural remedies you can use to reduce the presence of blood, but we will also tell you the most conventional methods to eliminate, once and for all, this condition.

Before starting to tell you how to stop hemorrhoid bleeding, it is important that we know what the hemorrhoids are so as to understand why they can bleed. Hemorrhoids are when a set of veins and arteries that are in the area of the anus are dilated, it is when we talk about that we have hemorrhoids, a pathology that, at first glance, may seem like a sachet or inflamed and reddened area due to the accumulation of blood. In some cases, these hemorrhoids go out through the anus and it is when we suffer the typical signs of this condition: pain when evacuating, itching, discomfort when sitting, and so on.

In order to eliminate the bleeding, you have to know that this condition occurs when this bag of blood ends up breaking and, therefore, the liquid that had stored descending through our anus. Do not imagine that it is an explosion but, simply, there may be a wound (due to scratching or contact with the feces) that has made a small crack through which the blood sprouts. This is the reason why there are bleeding from hemorrhoids.

Types of hemorrhoids bleeding

There can be two types of these piles, depending on where they are:

  • Internal: are those that we witness when, when going to the bathroom, we see blood next to the stool. They are not as painful as the external ones.
  • External: they are easier to detect than the previous ones because they can be seen with the naked eye and because they tend to bleed very frequently.

There are many and varied causes of hemorrhoids but the fact that they end up bleeding is related to very specific situations. Next, we will find out why hemorrhoids can bleed so you can learn to detect the origin of your disease:

  • Having very weak vein walls and rectal valves can make it easier to swell and accumulate blood
  • Having chronic or severe constipation can also cause this situation
  • Exerting a lot of effort when going to the bathroom can inflame some rectal vein or artery
  • Sitting for many hours can produce excess pressure in the area that ends up forming a piles
  • Hypertension can also produce this condition
  • Pregnant women are more likely to have bleeding hemorrhoids because the body has to support more weight and organs move to make way for the fetus
  • If you have piles and you can not suppress the desire to scratch, you can cause the appearance of wounds and, therefore, of blood
  • Tight clothing can also cause the piles to end up bleeding

How to stop bleeding due to hemorrhoids 

The first and most common is that, after going to the doctor, this prescribes a series of drugs designed to slow the blood and reduce swelling of the affected area. For this, it is best to ask your trusted doctor for advice to prescribe the best product on the market and, thus, be able to deal immediately with your ailment.

But if you prefer to opt for natural remedies, you should know that ice is one of the best allies to stop hemorrhoids bleeding. Remember that the cold acts as an analgesic, that is, the area sleeps until we do not even feel it and, also, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which will lower the swelling making us feel much better.

To take advantage of all these benefits, just fill a compress with ice or put cubes in a cloth. Place it in the area where you have the hemorrhoids and you will see how it stops the bleeding and you start to feel much better. It is one of the easiest and most effective tricks to perform.

In the same way that cold can be beneficial to eliminate bleeding from hemorrhoids, heat can also be. For this reason, doing a sitz bath can help lower the swelling, relieve pain and cut bleeding. To do this, you will need to cover the bidet with hot or warm water and sit down with your butt inside the water; the calming effects of heat will improve your condition and relieve you in a very remarkable way.

Aloe vera is also ideal to stop hemorrhoids bleeding since it contains perfect properties to control and relieve this condition: on the one hand, acts as a natural painkiller getting thus reduce the stinging, itching and inflammation of the area; on the other hand, it contains healing properties that will close the wounds that may have been opened and, therefore, stop the bleeding. Finally, the aloe vera has regenerative properties and, thus, will repair the tissues that have been damaged accelerating, thus, it’s healing.

One of the best ways to take advantage of these benefits is to prepare an aloe vera juice, wet a cotton and apply it directly to hemorrhoid to be treated.

And, finally, if none of the above options help you stop the bleeding, the most drastic and definitive option that exists is that you submit to a surgical operation. This solution should be given to you by a doctor because, as we have indicated, it is always recommended when none of the others has been effective.

Now we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you reduce the pain of hemorrhoids and, thus, be able to live better:

  • Hygiene is basic

If you have piles, it is important to maximize your cleaning habits, especially in the rectum area. When you evacuate, use toilet paper that is not too dry or scratchy to prevent it from hurting you and aggravating the pain.

  • Do not be long sitting

Well, the excess pressure could hurt you and cause you to feel greater discomfort. If you work sitting, the best thing is that every hour you stand up and go for a 5-minute walk to improve the circulation of the area and prevent blood from accumulating even more.

  • A diet full of fiber

It is important to avoid constipation as much as possible, for that reason, you must go to a balanced and healthy diet in which high-fiber foods abound to improve transit and avoid constipation.

  • Do not scratch yourself

No matter how much you bite, you should avoid scratching the area because you will make the situation worse and you can cause more bleeding. As soon as you feel itchy, it is best to apply ice to reduce that sensation and relieve yourself.

  • Drink water

It is advisable that you drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day so that the feces lubricate correctly and can be easily eliminated through the rectum.


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