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Make Your Own Modern Laundry Room and Creative Tips and Ideas Make Your Own Modern Laundry Room and Creative Tips and Ideas
The laundry room is in many apartments or houses a rather barren and practically furnished room. Frequently there is washing machine and dryer in... Make Your Own Modern Laundry Room and Creative Tips and Ideas

The laundry room is in many apartments or houses a rather barren and practically furnished room. Frequently there is washing machine and dryer in the kitchen, the bathroom or the cellar. Especially on the lower floor is usually little light and generally the laundry room looks more like a desolate place. However, this does not have to be the case, because there are numerous ideas on how a simple and functional room can become a modern and functional laundry room.

Whether new or renovation: the planning of the laundry room is important


It does not matter if the room is to be refurbished or renovated because the laundry room is above all a good and needs-oriented planning the A and O. Beginning is usually in the design of the floor. Here, it must always be expected that a washing machine could eventually lose water. Therefore, sensitive flooring should be avoided. Movements of the washing machine or dryer may also occur. This can lead to scratches which can be circumvented by the correct choice of the floor. It is suitable for the laundry room floors made of tiles or also waterproof concrete. Furthermore, a visually pleasant design offers the installation of PVC or linoleum. Particularly modern, the materials can also be combined. This creates a beautiful mixture of styles on the floor, giving the room a pleasant touch. Tiles, for example, need not be monotonous in white, but can also be laid obliquely or in the pattern. The choice of colored accentuated tiles is the right choice. The smaller space, however, the less should be played with patterns, since everything can be very depressing. Would rather put a skillful accent.

Let there be light: the bright and friendly laundry room


Light plays an important role in the laundry room. For those who do not only wash and dry their clothes but also want to iron, should feel comfortable in the room. Spots on the ceiling as well as lamps on the walls can ensure a suitable illumination and a pleasant atmosphere. Who wants to build shelves or want a closet in the laundry room, can also provide here with spots for a great and modern effect. Now the floor is laid, the light is attached, but the walls still somehow bare? No problem, because a room with a little color directly looks much more friendly and attractive. A mix of bright blue and white or rose as well as green tones can create a look in the washroom. Wallpapers are less advisable here because the humidity in the room can quickly dissolve them from the wall. If you want a special effect, you can also decorate a wall with a large picture.

A laundry room can look really modern if the room layout is right


Sliding doors are also very practical. These can also be printed and can be used as a room divider. Behind the sliding door, for example, shelf boards can be mounted, on which detergent and fabric softener or the ironing board and clothes dryer can be accommodated. Ceiling spotlights can also be installed here, which ensure good lighting conditions even in the cabinet, behind the sliding door.

Clever planning storage space and ideal use


Even in small laundry rooms, the storage space can be planned well, so that there is sufficient space to fold laundry, store laundry basket and other items. For example, an ironing board can be attached to the wall with two hooks. So it can be hung on the wall in a space-saving way when not in use. Practical is also a laundry table. If there is little space, it can be installed in such a way that it can be folded away easily. He does not stand in the way. Functionally, it can also be used as a door by being mounted in front of a shelf. There is a lot of space on the laundry table, which can be used as required.

Further equipment of the laundry room


Which pieces of furniture are integrated into the laundry room depends on the personal taste. A mix of wood furniture and kitchen lines have proven themselves. The kitchens are mainly used as functional storage space and storage space in one. A practical cabinet, which can be installed in the washing machine and tumble dryer, is space-saving and offers a lot of space. When setting up the washing compartment, it is possible to freely select what is useful and is pleasing. A combination of washing machine and dryer in the laundry room is also advisable if the work is to be done in one place. Tumble dryers are, by the way, often the right source of electricity. There are, however, also economical devices on the market. At the time of purchase, the device should be chosen in such a way that size and function perfectly fit the personal requirements and meet the requirements of the household. This is because an economical device, which has been chosen too small, can also quickly cost higher costs since it is in continuous operation. For an overview, a look at a household appliance test for clothes dryers may be advisable. The tested devices can thus give an impression, which model can own for the household.

The washing machine is now found in almost every household


Installers can save space and make the room look very neat. So if you want to set up a laundry room in a small area, you might be very well advised with such appliances. In this case, if the installation of the devices is desired, care should also be taken to ensure that these are suitable for installation. There is also the possibility to build a washing machine and dryer. Again, there are special models that allow this.

Summer and Winter: A laundry room has many advantages

Everything to be done at a spot, washing and drying and having a nice room with a chic ambiance and modern equipment is a great advantage. Anyone who does not want to be able to dry his clothes in the summer can use this space all year round. Therefore, a beautiful setting that combines one’s taste with practical elements is the best choice. Laundry kitchens have a long tradition and are now more than a pure workspace. They combine modernity with household and thus offer a high-quality added value.


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