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Mobile Kitchen Island & Retro Fridge in A Townhouse Mobile Kitchen Island & Retro Fridge in A Townhouse
The modern kitchen can be designed in a variety of ways. This is exactly what makes them modern. Plain cabinets of straight, clean lines... Mobile Kitchen Island & Retro Fridge in A Townhouse

The modern kitchen can be designed in a variety of ways. This is exactly what makes them modern. Plain cabinets of straight, clean lines are the perfect basis for other details, including those in the country, vintage, industrial or rustic style. In the Belgian town hall, which is located in Antwerp and which we would now like to present to you, the retro refrigerator offers an attractive accent in the middle of the white kitchen, which has a mobile kitchen island and makes it even more attractive.

Mobile kitchen island in a white kitchen


Besides the retro fridge but also the mobile kitchen island with seating opportunity is very attractive. The bright worktop for the kitchen island is also repeated on the other kitchen cabinets, and this makes it so pretty, colored contrast. The entire room was beautifully lit. This contributes to the impressive overstructured window front, extending over two floors and opening outward in the form of wing doors.

Mobile kitchen island with concrete worktop


This kind of mobile kitchen island with a counter is also very suitable for smaller rooms. Since it has wheels, it can be easily changed at any time. If you like to do more often, you can do something for some variation by placing the cooking island horizontally and diagonally. This is not a problem physically. The white kitchen gets an interesting change from the bright retro fridge.

White Balcony Indoor


Not only with the kitchen with cooking island, the retro refrigerator, and the large window front impresses the townhouse, however. The open-plan living area underlines the modern interior. A simple, yet attractive furnishing style with few more popular accents, such as a chandelier, a freestanding bathtub or a leather sofa in brown, was also chosen for the rest of the establishment. Look at the mobile kitchen island, as well as all other rooms in the following gallery.

Scandinavian flair


Light blue refrigerator


Walls of clinker in loft style


Oversized terraces


Kitchen for the whole family


Original window front idea



View from above of the work area


Living room


Simple bedroom design


Bath with Scandinavian flair


Bathroom in mint green


Window front for plenty of light in the rooms


Interior idea


Town house in Belgium

View of the garden


Railings of glass




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