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Original Bedside Tables – 24 Options to Complete Your Design Original Bedside Tables – 24 Options to Complete Your Design
Today we have for you all very attractive ideas of original bedside tables to inspire you to add an authentic touch to your bedroom.... Original Bedside Tables – 24 Options to Complete Your Design

Today we have for you all very attractive ideas of original bedside tables to inspire you to add an authentic touch to your bedroom. A good bedside table is as important as a comfortable bed.

Original bedside tables a collection of Poliform Abbinabili collection


Of course, one adds bedside table also to improve the decoration and the design of the room. Functionality matters but also beauty matters. For many or more important is that your bedside table provides them with a large surface and storage space.

Original night tables from the Legend collection designed by Cairoli & Donzelli for Twils


No one will be happy, even with the most beautiful table in the world, if they cannot easily put a glass with water or a book in it. If you don’t like the bedrooms in which all the furniture are from the same set of comfortable bed and bedside tables and for you, it is much more interesting to see individual pieces you can opt for one of our ideas.

Bedside table Dandy designed by Paolo Cattelan for Cattelan Italia


Who would not like to enjoy a well-designed room in which the choice of individual pieces has been thought, and each piece adds individual notes to the overall design?

Precious Cube Bedside Table Designed for Tojo Mobel


But be careful if you decide not to buy a complete set since you have to start thinking about your tabletop material, height, color.

Bedside table of the collection Davide Riva designed by Maurizio Riva for Riva 1920


Your bedside tables should not be too low and look too small on the sides of the high bed. But neither should be very high the best option is to choose bedside tables of the same height the bed as they provide a pleasant visual line.

Bedside table Madox for Azea


Although bedside tables are not an indispensable thing for bedroom design, many of us are accustomed to having one.

Bedside tables of the collection Dado designed by Studio Kairos for B & B Italia


If you want to have one, you will not be wrong since they are useful to put a lamp, alarm clock or your glasses. They are a typical element for the traditional bedroom but also take place in modern and contemporary bedrooms.

Very original coffee table from the collection Onda de Caroti


The traditional tables are made of wood and have two or three drawers and are matching the bed. In the bedrooms with modern furniture, instead, the bedside tables are not necessarily bought in conjunction with other elements of the bedroom.

Original bedside tables from the Elegance collection by Cortezari


But how to choose a bedside table? As we all well know, there are a lot of designs, but the size does not vary that much. A standard nightstand is 45-50 cm wide and 40-50 cm high.

Rectangular Walnut night table with drawers very nice by Dale Italia


If you do not have a lot of space, you can choose models with a square shape and smaller size 35 cm wide. As we said, the height of your bedside tables has to be of height proportional to the height of the bed.

Bedside table that can be used and as a seat of Balzan Letti


In these photos, you will find options of bedside tables that you can put next to a very large bed and others that would be perfect next to a small bed.

Bedside table of the collection THE NIGHT – Beds designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Fidelio


Another thing we must consider is the form. The most classic model is the table with a rectangular shape that is characterized by straight lines, clean and balanced. Less common are square and compact but functional bedside tables.

Bedside table of the Piuma collection designed by Antonio Citterio for Flexform


If you like curves, choose a round night stand or an oval. A very modern design is a table with glass top and wrought iron legs for a chic effect. Instead for a contemporary style, you should think of a mirror table.

Bedside table of the Gentleman collection designed by Carlo Colombo for Flou


If you have enough space available, you can opt for wall-mounted night tables that would fit seamlessly and are a fine and practical solution because a suspended night table makes cleaning easier underneath it.

Bedside table Tio designed by Mendes’Macedo for Galula


Now we leave you with our interesting choices of original bedside tables with designs that can fit seamlessly into a classic vintage classic or contemporary vintage bedroom.

Beddo Bedside table designed by Helix Studio Design for IFT


Steel and wood coffee table from the Plane collection designed by Luciano Bertoncini for iCarraro


Bedside table Ciro designed by Paolo Cattelan for Cattelan Italia


Bedside tables Dimitri de Meridiani


Bedside table Libris designed by Enrico Cesana for Meme Design


Kirk bedside table designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti


White bed of the collection MisuraEmme designed by Marelli and Molteni for MisuraEmme

Air collection bedside table designed by Daniele Lago for LAGO



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