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The Country House Style in The Living Room – From Classic to Modern The Country House Style in The Living Room – From Classic to Modern
Cozy and natural: the country style in the living room offers a lot of coziness with nostalgic charm. It lives with natural substances and bright... The Country House Style in The Living Room – From Classic to Modern

Cozy and natural: the country style in the living room offers a lot of coziness with nostalgic charm. It lives with natural substances and bright colors that convey freshness and lightness. Before you get the idyllic Land nature into your four walls, you should know that there are several different expressions of the country house style, which can be implemented according to taste and can also be combined well.

These include the Nordic, French, Italian and English country house style. All country-style styles share the charisma of coziness, but their rural character differs in color and pattern. In today’s article, we explain to you which furniture and home accessories are typical for every style.

The classic country house style in the living room


The character of the country was represented by the use of natural materials and bright colors. The typical materials that characterize the light and uncomplicated style are wood, stone, rattan, ceramics, cotton, linen and leather. The walls often adorn rustic-looking wiping techniques, wood or clay tiles. Wood flooring, tiles or natural stone slabs are often used as flooring.

All country house styles have natural wood furniture in common. Whether teak, oak, pine or mahogany: wood furniture impresses with its natural radiance, high quality and a timeless design that can be integrated into any living space. Country house furniture offers the possibility to combine opposites to a harmonious whole. Natural or limed wood is often mixed with white lacquered surfaces and other natural materials such as rattan. These combinations give the space ambiance a living character.

Nordic country house style in the living room – “Keep it simple”


The Nordic country house style is undeniable and light. This style of living reflects the nature of the high north and the harsh weather there. Here shapes and materials play a greater role than colors. The color white, natural woods, cozy home textiles and vintage decoration – these elements make up the Scandinavian country house charm. The use of colors is usually limited to subtle sky blue, cream white, pastel green and rose.

French country house style in the living room


Living as in Provence: The French country house style is one of the most popular residential styles in Germany. Wrought iron furniture and accessories such as cushions with lavender and rose motifs are the charming companions of the Provencal country house look. The sofas and armchairs are particularly suitable for romantic recamers with a beautifully curved frame. Not to be forgotten, however, are the Toile-de-Jouy patterns, which were as wallpaper, upholstery cover or beautiful curtains indispensable decoration in the 18th century.

What elements does an Italian country house style have in the living room?


The Italian country house style conveys a warm Tuscan feeling of living. The construction in Italy can be seen on the open ceiling beams and beams or unpaved natural stone and brick walls. Rustic terracotta tile floors are widely used and harmoniously blend with dark wood furniture. Among the peculiarities of the Italian country house is the preference for high-quality wood, especially oak. The sparsely used home textiles are monochrome or lightly patterned.

English country house style in the living room – living as in cottage style


The English-rural ambiance of a cottage was characterized by noble solid wood furniture, comfortable posters, floral patterned living textiles and warm colors. A high earthen chair in front of the ceiling-high bookshelf and a classic Chesterfield sofa in dark brown leather in front of the fireplace – What a show! The check pattern is often found in the furniture and works perfectly as a furniture cover. The English country house style was emphasized with many decorative elements, which should never overload.

How is the country style in the living room interpreted in a modern way?


The contemporary form of the country house is influenced by the shabby chic and vintage look and it is called “New Country Style”. Furniture and accessories look nostalgic and have artificially induced usage traces. The modern country house style combines old and new: antiques meet modern LED technology, old pieces of furniture are accentuated by modern accents.

Setting up in the country house style does not mean to restrict itself only to a country house style. There are more country-house styles than thought and these can easily be combined with each other. Whether French romantic or Scandinavian simple, the country house style can bring a certain rural comfort to your home!


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