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Towel Holder for Bathroom – 17 Unusual and Creative Ideas Towel Holder for Bathroom – 17 Unusual and Creative Ideas
In the bathroom is usually not so much space for all our bathing utensils and especially the towels take a lot of space away.... Towel Holder for Bathroom – 17 Unusual and Creative Ideas

In the bathroom is usually not so much space for all our bathing utensils and especially the towels take a lot of space away. If you want to reorganize your bathroom and no longer simply hang your towels or stack them in the bathroom cabinet, let yourself inspired by our creative and simple ideas for bath towel racks.

With these tips, the room will appear not only attractive, but you can give your bathroom a unique and beautiful look with everyday common items.

Towel rack for the bathroom storage


A great idea for storing fresh towels in a large bathroom would be to assemble a towel rack with wooden boxes. Wooden boxes of different colors, for example, which are horizontally or vertically stacked, create enough space for stowing and your self-created freestanding towel rack for the bathroom looks playful and fresh.

Place the bath towel holder on the wall


Lack of bathrooms on space then offers enough storage space on the walls. Use braided baskets or baskets of different sizes, shapes, and colors, assemble them to the wall and lay the towels together. Practical and decorative at the same time, without it looking crowded. You will also have your towels immediately after showering.

Stools or newspaper stands in handy towel holders


A wooden stool can be a practical and decorative accessory for your bathroom. It offers comfortable seating, while at the same time it also acts as a towel holder thanks to the lower storage compartment. If you have space under your sink, you can also use it optimally as a storage space for your towels. Get foldable newspaper stands and put the towels rolled.

Rustic wooden trunk as a bath towel holder


If you like the minimalistic style, but want to give your bathroom a warm touch and let some nature get in, you can easily achieve this with a tree trunk. You can use it decoratively or for storage for your bath towel. Your bathroom will be a true eye-catcher in a modern style with rustic flair.

Use recycled wood laminate as a towel holder


This towel rack for the bathroom is a successful combination between a beautiful old ladder and a shelf. Thanks to the different size of the shelves, which you can easily install, it can be used for both decoration and storage. You can put flowers on the top shelf or books and set on the lower your towels and toiletries. A wooden ladder as a towel holder looks cool and a bit vintage.

Metal frame as a special towel holder


Towels are hung on such a towel rack to dry the towels. If you do not want to drill your tiles, you can take a ladder-like metal frame and simply lean it against the wall. This towel holder for the bathroom is also very small on the wall, can be easily adjusted, offers space for several towels and looks individual and modern.

Mediterranean touch with rope towel holder


If you want to add structure to the tiles in your bathroom, offers a light and cost-effective way to do that with a rope as a towel holder. This great alternative to the classic towel holder gives your bathroom a Mediterranean touch and will lead you through the wavelike course of the rope to a sunny beach.

Swinging towel holder as an alternative to the towel hook


If you want to add something extraordinary to your bathroom fixtures, which is also practical, you can adopt this idea and implement it in an uncomplicated way. For this swinging towel holder, you need a wooden or metal rod, an old leather belt, leather straps or a stronger cloth tape, dowels, screws, and drills.

Original towel rack on the wall for small bathroom


If you want to attach this towel holder directly to the wall, cut two shorter strips from your old leather belt and use them as a holder for the bar. The towels are always handy on such handrails, and your handmade towel holder looks original.

Wooden bar as towel holder for a country house style


Use a steel rod to fasten a wooden bar to a shelf or two hooks on the wall. If you do not have a wooden bar, you can use a suitable branch. This simple and creative towel holder fit a rustic and rural style of furnishing.

Towel rack at the washing table


If you have a spacious bathroom with large wash basin in your apartment, you can use the empty area under the washbasin not only for the storage of the fresh towels. You can mount wooden rods directly at the front of the washbasin and use them to hang up the used straight clothes so that you can get everything you need.

Round towel rack on the wall


If you want to have a holder for smaller towels next to your wash basin, use a metal ring and a short leather strap to attach this round and simple towel holder to the wall.

Ring towel holder with wooden balls


If you want to spice up the ring towel holder, you can also thread through perforated wooden balls, which you can adjust in color to your bathroom. This towel holder can also be used for kitchen towels.

Seilleiter as space-saving towel holder for the bathroom


The most unobtrusive place in the bathroom where you can accommodate things is behind the door. An alternative to the classic clothes hooks is this wooden silk rope hanging from the door. If you like the natural shades and materials, you can emphasize the rustic in your bathing facility with some tree branches and some rope and space-saving and tidy storage.

Wine rack as an elegant bath towel holder


Would a towel rack for the stainless steel bathroom be something to your taste? With a wine rack, you support a modern and elegant ambiance. This bottle holder is suitable for smaller towels and has a decorative effect.

Bookcase as a freestanding bath towel holder


With a stand towel rail, you can store several towels in your bathroom. If you want to have an unusual towel rack, you can, for example, add a bookcase with several compartments to your bathroom furniture. Such a towel holder made of stainless steel or metal will visually evaluate every bath.

Classic stand in unusual design


If you prefer a standing towel rail, but rather prefer it in a classic style, you can either convert an old stand hanger or you can assemble one yourself from a wooden strip and some clothes hooks. If you find a suitable branch when hiking, you can off course use it for hanging. Without time, you have created a cheap, creative and portable towel rack for the bathroom.


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